Marketing ROI without Call Tracking is Like Baseball Stats that Exclude Away Games

Sales Renewal began testing trackable phone numbers nearly two years ago in order to more comprehensively capture and benchmark our lead generation results. We now require them for our clients' sales and marketing programs. If you're a client, you're probably very familiar with our "pitch" about adding trackable phone numbers to your sales and marketing programs.

For good reason. The very first time we implemented phone tracking for a client, our trackable leads jumped by 400%! That’s right, this client's analytics was missing 4 out of every 5 leads our sales and marketing programs were generating. Obviously, this meant that any statistical analysis we did (lead analysis, which programs had the best ROI, etc.) were highly skewed and unrepresentative. You can read the details in a guest post we wrote for Mongoose Metrics, leaders in call tracking, measurement and attribution and our call tracking tracking system partner.

For a good overview of how a trackable phone system works, we'd also like to point you to a guest post on our site - Call Tracking 101, by the experts themselves, Mongoose Metrics. Find out how, by adding call tracking to your set of data tools, you can fill the holes in your data, and gain insights into which online efforts are driving offline calls.

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