Sales Renewal’s Critical Assistance Helps Client Win Small Business of the Year, Blue Ribbon Award

MATsolutions, of Irving Texas, selected by U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Concord, MAFeb 25, 2014—Sales Renewal client MATsolutions today announced that it has been named a 2014 Blue Ribbon Small Business of the Year Award winner by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The award is given to businesses demonstrating exceptional business practices in areas including strategic planning, marketing, employee development, community involvement, and customer service. MATsolutions is one of only 100 winners selected from a record number of applicants from across the nation.

“We’re pleased to receive this prestigious Small Business of the Year award,” said Steve Wedler, VP Sales & Marketing, MATsolutions. “Over the last year with Sales Renewal’s critical assistance, we’ve rebranded the company, launched a new e-commerce site and introduced marketing programs and supporting technologies that truly distinguish MATsolutions from its competitors. Having two highly dedicated and bright teams responsible for this transformation has allowed us to deliver something far superior than either team alone could have. This award is a great acknowledgement of the advances we have made.”

"Having two highly dedicated and bright teams responsible for this transformation has allowed us to deliver something far superior than either team alone could have."

Steve Wedler, VP Sales & Marketing, MATsolutions

Growing Range of Capabilities and Offerings

In December 2013, MATsolutions changed its name and brand identity to better reflect a growing range of test and measurement equipment capabilities and offerings, including a stronger emphasis on calibration and repair. In addition to the name change, key features of the rebranding included:

  • A new website that can process orders, RFQs and payments and manage communications with customers wishing to buy online;
  • The MATrewards loyalty program, designed to reward MATsolutions customers for their loyalty by providing them tangible and financial value;
  • Unique guarantees, including the No Surprises and Price Match guarantees, to provide clients the peace of mind they need in today’s test and measurement marketplace;
  • A consistent, online marketing effort that includes a monthly newsletter and specials; a weekly blog series, and an active social media presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

About Sales Renewal Corporation

Sales Renewal helps clients cost-effectively grow their sales while sharing the risk & reward. Unlike firms who bill for the hours they spend, Sales Renewal's earnings are based on the sales generated. The JointSourcing Solution™ (joint venture + outsourcing), is an all-inclusive, integrated sales, marketing and technology solution that enables Sales Renewal to do the day-to-day marketing and technology work that increase sales (as in outsourcing) while sharing the reward and risk (as in a joint venture) where Sales Renewal acts as a “General Contractor” designing, building & running a custom Sales Machine: a best-of-breed mix of the sales & marketing expertise, and technologies, a business needs to grow.


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