Best of Growth Spurts – Focus on Maximizing Your Content Marketing Efforts

In this month’s content roundup, we’ve focused on different ways you can get the most out of your content marketing and blogging efforts. After all, content marketing is often one of the biggest components – in both time and dollars – of many small business marketing budgets, so it makes sense to maximize that investment. […]

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Writing a Blog to Grow Your Business

“What do I write about?” It’s inevitably the first question any business starting up a company blog will ask. And it’s inevitably the question that will continue to be asked as long as the company blog exists. If you’ve done any research into business blogging, you have probably encountered endless articles about why you should […]

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Best of Growth Spurts – Our Favorite Posts from March

Since we update our Growth Spurts blog several times a week, our readers know they can find a lot of actionable marketing & technology advice in it. And in case you’ve missed them, we offer a regular summary roundup of the most popular/interesting posts of the month where we extract the most useful information into […]

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How to Grow Your Blog Audience: Here Are 5 Tips

So you have a great blog. You write great content with lots of important information worth sharing. You publish frequently and promote your own content. But still, you aren’t getting many hits. Does it mean your content needs reworking? Not necessarily. Breathe new life into your existing posts by following these 5 steps, and you […]

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How Small Businesses Can Use Social Media to Grow Their Online Presence – for Free!

A large business with widespread consumer appeal can naturally expect organic social media growth in terms of followers and interaction: people already know your name, are interested in your brand and are looking for answers. In this case, you may spend more time interacting with customers and keeping up with questions than you do just […]

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SR EasyAuthoring Integrated Blog Tool

Sales Renewal is pleased to announce the launch of SR EasyAuthoring™, an innovative, integrated blog authoring tool. SR EasyAuthoring was designed for small businesses to help them easily offer original and “curated” content in the single blog platform they already have on their websites. Original + Curated Content Fresh web content in the form of […]

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The Increasing Importance of Content Marketing in 2015

A new infographic from ExpressWriters nicely illustrates Content Marketing’s increasing importance to growing your sales and brand. Some factoids we found particularly interesting: Coca-Cola now spends more money creating content than on television advertising Marketers invest over 25% of their marketing budget on content 77% of marketers plan on increasing content production in 2015 61% […]

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