Buying Cycle

A Better Way to Set Your Marketing Budget

The best way to develop a marketing budget is to treat that budget as if it’s an investment — something that delivers an expected, quantified return over time. In order to build a strong business case around this concept, a marketer must understand the dynamics of their funnel. Take a deep dive into how new […]

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Marketing as Architect of the New Buyer Journey

A look at the impact on new buyer expectations and behaviors-and the challenges and opportunities for brands and marketing. Sales Renewal’s insight: A typical, simplified view of the customer journey (buyer’s funnel” shows three stages – Awareness (of a need or an issue that needs solving); Consideration (of the alternatives); and Purchase (of the best […]

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Different Keywords for Different Customers

The right keywords are key to good SEO rankings, and good SEO rankings are key to increasing awareness of your services and products – and eventually sales – from the web. Nothing earthshaking there. Now, if you want dissension, get three marketers in room and ask them how to choose the best keywords. They’ll probably […]

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Sales Renewal’s Critical Assistance Helps Client Win Small Business of the Year, Blue Ribbon Award

Everybody strives for excellence, but only a small portion of American business people achieve it. In fact, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, each year only the “cream of the small business crop” are worthy of receiving its prestigious Blue Ribbon Small Business of the Year award. That’s why it’s so gratifying that Sales […]

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Do You Need a New Website to Generate More Sales?

Many of our clients came to us because they thought they needed a new website, but they didn’t. Often, we’re able to incorporate enhancements into an existing site, improving the handling of online sales, or add features that provide the customer with a better experience. In some cases, the website is beautiful – but no […]

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Don’t Waste a Hook in 2013

If you’re in business, the holidays can be so hectic some important things get overlooked. We’d hate to start the New Year with an old lecture, so let’s just call this a friendly reminder about the value of customers. We’re sure you’ve seen quotes from legendary department store founder Marshall Field extolling the virtues of […]

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Nate Silver, Marketing’s Wake Up Call

We’re tempted to call it the Nate Silver effect: In the last few weeks a handful of industry watchers have suggested that what companies really need to succeed is a chief marketing technologist.It’s not a bad idea. Obviously, sales and marketing functions are increasingly dependent on technology. The technology choices available today are roughly double […]

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