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Best of Growth Spurts – Our Favorite Posts from April

We regularly update our Growth Spurts blog with actionable marketing & technology advice, news and information.Just case you’ve missed these updates, we offer a regular summary roundup of the most popular/interesting posts. where we extract the most useful information, and in many cases, provide a link to learn more. Here, then, are our 5 favorite […]

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Now you can Manage your Google Location Data with Yext

Yext now offers integration with the new Google My Business API.This allows for rapidly updating key location data such as unforeseen closings or changes to opening hours across Google Search, Google Maps, and ads; controlling the data Google receives about your locations and ensure it is always consistent, authoritative, and up-to-date; and saving time and […]

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Fake Online Locksmiths May Be Out to Pick Your Pocket, Too

They are call centers – often out of state, sometimes in a different country – that use a high-tech ruse to trick Google into presenting them as physical stores in your neighborhood. These operations, known as lead generators, or lead gens for short, keep a group of poorly trained subcontractors on call. After your details […]

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The Eight-Second Attention Span

A survey of Canadian media consumption by Microsoft concluded that the average attention span had fallen to eight seconds, down from 12 in the year 2000. We now have a shorter attention span than goldfish, the study found. Sales Renewal’s insight: The implications of such a short attention span are profound for marketing. Now more […]

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Why SEO Is About Visibility Instead of Ranking

In the past, “SEO” and “ranking” have been used as synonyms. But are they really the same thing? Sales Renewal’s insight: It’s time to make the subtle – but important – shift in perspective from “ranking” to “visibility” when thinking about SEO goals. Marketers and business owners should not rely on SEO as a stand-alone […]

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A Guide to Social Media Etiquette

There are a few good practices that can go a long way to keeping your nose clean. Here is a guide to social media etiquette containing logical tips that will help your social media strategy and avoid any mistakes. Sales Renewal’s insight: Nice summary of how to make the most of social media for your […]

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5 Reasons Brands Should Use Email in 2016

Social media may seem more exciting, but studies prove that most people prefer good old-fashioned email. Need more convincing? Read on. Sales Renewal’s insight: Agreed. Email is one of the essentials of marketing and will continue to be a cornerstone of any solid marketing plan. Sales Renewal’s Insight Read Original Article

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5 Easy Ways to Make Local Marketing Matter

Local marketing – marketing that’s focused on reaching customers in a specific geographic area – is not for every business. But if you have a physical presence in a specific location and provide services to your community (think bank, florist, shoe store, restaurant, deli, dry cleaners, etc….), you will most likely be able to benefit […]

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