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6 Insanely Effective Tactics to Engage Email Subscribers

Marketing Automation is noted as a top marketing trend for 2019. But how to do it well? There are a few proven tips and tricks to increasing engagement and therefore customers via email marketing. It all comes down to list segmentation, telling the right story at the right time to each individual, and powerful design. While these may seem challenging, when you break each down and have a good plan, it really is achievable.

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Maximize Customer Engagement With the Right Data Insights from the Right Data

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Sales Renewal’s insight:

Many of us understand that analytics are key to gaining a competitive advantage but fewer of us really understand which data is important and how to put that data to use. Whether it’s Big Data or little data, technology can help all businesses gain valuable intelligence about their customers. This article outlines 3 steps to gaining actionable insights from your data. Important aspects of making the most of your data includes providing context, looking at trends instead of individual data points, and gaining insights that are aligned with your overall strategy.

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Consumers May Be More Trusting of Ads Than Marketers Think

A study surveying 400 participants regarding 20 common tactics used in TV and Digital ads found that 13 of the tactics elicited favorable responses – which surprised even marketers and has top ad agencies focusing on the Authenticity factor. For anyone concerned with the believability of marketing today, this is a must-read article. Sales Renewal […]

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Increase Your Business’ Value by Making Yourself Dispensable

Could your business continue to function and prosper without you? If the answer is “no, ” it’s time to change that or you could lose out. By Jane Johnson If you’re an owner who is thinking about selling your business, either internally or externally, it’s time to start thinking about how to increase business value […]

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A Unique Selling Proposition May Be the Big Idea You Need

Creating a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is a risky move – but with a well-developed strategy and a coordinated public relations and marketing effort, it can pay off. Creating a USP Jim Bolin was born and raised in Casey, IL. As he grew up, Bolin watched a familiar small-town story unfold: Casey lost population, visitors, […]

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How Google Analytics Ruined Marketing

Marketers in the high-tech world who use phrases such as “social media marketing, ” “Facebook marketing” and “content marketing” do not understand.. Sales Renewal’s insight: Strategy => Content => Channel. This article reinforces the need for all marketers to understand the difference between a marketing strategy (what message are you trying to convey) and a […]

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When Should Engineering Marketers Pass a Lead to Sales?

Find out how engineers answered the question: at what stage of your investigations into a new product or service do you prefer to engage with a vendor representative as opposed to conducting independent research? Sales Renewal’s insight: 1, 000 engineers were asked: “At what stage of your investigations into a new product or service do […]

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Writing a Blog to Grow Your Business

“What do I write about?” It’s inevitably the first question any business starting up a company blog will ask. And it’s inevitably the question that will continue to be asked as long as the company blog exists. If you’ve done any research into business blogging, you have probably encountered endless articles about why you should […]

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Your Elevator Pitch has No Business In an Elevator

Sales Renewal is pleased to host a series of blog posts written by experts in their fields. This week, we’re joined by Andrew Winig, Elevator Pitch Coach and Keynote Speaker, who offers some insights into how to make your next networking opportunity a success. 3 ways to talk about what you do in a way […]

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