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The Most Common Small Business Marketing Problem: Missing the Forest for the Trees

Many small business owners know that successful marketing can play a huge role in their growth. It is very common for us to hear these owners have great ideas for what they want to do, but they all have the same issue: due to lack of people and resources, they fall into the trap of […]

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Proud to Work Alongside Our Non-Profit Clients

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While Sales Renewal is best known for our one-stop marketing solutions, JointSourcing and Marketing Essentials, we are equally happy to work on smaller-scale projects. One of our strengths at Sales Renewal is that we work across a variety of different industries, offering unique perspectives that can shed new light on traditional strategies and “the way […]

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Surveys, Complaints, and the Value of Regularly Scheduled Listening

Who doesn’t get excited about survey responses, right? Right?! In case it’s not coming through on screen, that was written in a sarcastic tone. Creating and managing customer surveys online (or paper, or phone surveys) is rarely earthshaking. Survey response rates are often low, and responses tend to roll in rather slowly. But the insight […]

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Sales Renewal’s Marketing Investment Analysis: Exit Planning Edition Is In Beta

Sales Renewal is beta testing a new tool – the Marketing Investment Analysis: Exit Planning Edition – that business owners who are considering selling their business can use to assess how much to invest in marketing to meet their revenue goals at the time of sale. We’d love feedback on the tool and the resulting […]

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Writing a Blog to Grow Your Business

“What do I write about?” It’s inevitably the first question any business starting up a company blog will ask. And it’s inevitably the question that will continue to be asked as long as the company blog exists. If you’ve done any research into business blogging, you have probably encountered endless articles about why you should […]

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Your Elevator Pitch has No Business In an Elevator

Sales Renewal is pleased to host a series of blog posts written by experts in their fields. This week, we’re joined by Andrew Winig, Elevator Pitch Coach and Keynote Speaker, who offers some insights into how to make your next networking opportunity a success. 3 ways to talk about what you do in a way […]

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Sharing the Rewards & Risks in JointSourcing Works: Client Revenue Goes Up and Costs Go Down

Given that Sales Renewal’s JointSourcing is truly one-of-a-kind-there are no other Marketing General Contractors that shares the risk and reward-it is not surprising that it requires a bit more explanation than the familiar, fee-for-service, single-marketing-strategy (like PR, inbound marketing, advertising, direct mail, tradeshows, …) approach every other agency takes. But numbers have a way at […]

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Ready-Fire-Aim Marketing And Why It Will Likely Blow Back On You

Too many businesses today practice Ready-Fire-Aim Marketing: They get some seemingly intelligent, point specific advice from a blog post / newsletter / trade association / colleague / brother-in-law (pick one). They spend little time understanding the advice (who can invest time to think things through when we need leads!) and whether it’s their most critical […]

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Quick Tip Tuesday: May Marketing and Sales Advice from Across the Web

Each month in our Growth Spurts blog, we publish the the highlights of our Advice from Across the Web page, which features a selection of the best, most actionable sales, marketing and technology advice from experts across the Web. May’s roundup of actionable advice includes tips about targeted email marketing, DIY marketing, analytics vs metrics, […]

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