9 Ways Small Businesses Can Be Big on Google

With diligent attention to the tricks of the online business trade, smaller businesses can climb to that coveted first spot on the search page. Sales Renewal’s insight: With smart planning, small businesses can have a strong presence even with a limited budget. Taking advantage of online opportunities is key. Here are 9 ways to make […]

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Best of Growth Spurts – Our Favorite Posts from October

Our readers know they can find a lot of actionable marketing & technology advice in the Growth Spurts blog, since we update the content several times a week. And each month, we offer a roundup of the most popular posts of the month, just in case you’ve missed them. We’ve extracted the most useful information […]

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How Much Time Does SEO Really Take?

Getting started [with seo] is relatively easy, but in order to be successful in an especially competitive environment, you need to dedicate yourself to the strategy. You’ll have to acquire new skills… The common solution for this is to simply hire an in-house SEO expert who can handle all these tasks. If you can’t, it’s […]

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Google’s Local Snack Pack Shake-Up: What You Need to Know

Google recently shook up the local results in its SERPs, killing the local 7-packs in favor of a 3-pack that resembles the mobile experience. This post tells you everything you need to know about the change and what it means for your local marketing. Sales Renewal’s insight: Did your local listing make the cut? As […]

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Search Ranking Studies: Trends and Important Factors

Annual search engine ranking studies have been recently released by both Moz and Searchmetrics, relying on slightly different methods to arrive at their conclusions about what’s important and what’s not. According to the reports, the impact of relevant content continues to grow… Sales Renewal’s insight: These two reports offer lots of good insights to the […]

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The Increasing Importance of Content Marketing in 2015

A new infographic from ExpressWriters nicely illustrates Content Marketing’s increasing importance to growing your sales and brand. Some factoids we found particularly interesting: Coca-Cola now spends more money creating content than on television advertising Marketers invest over 25% of their marketing budget on content 77% of marketers plan on increasing content production in 2015 61% […]

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Marketing as Architect of the New Buyer Journey

A look at the impact on new buyer expectations and behaviors-and the challenges and opportunities for brands and marketing. Sales Renewal’s insight: A typical, simplified view of the customer journey (buyer’s funnel” shows three stages – Awareness (of a need or an issue that needs solving); Consideration (of the alternatives); and Purchase (of the best […]

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Different Keywords for Different Customers

The right keywords are key to good SEO rankings, and good SEO rankings are key to increasing awareness of your services and products – and eventually sales – from the web. Nothing earthshaking there. Now, if you want dissension, get three marketers in room and ask them how to choose the best keywords. They’ll probably […]

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Study: 45% of Businesses Saw Ranking Changes From Mobile-Friendly Update

So was Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update (“Mobilegeddon”) overhyped or not? Well, perhaps yes and no. While the initial consensus after the update’s launch was that changes in search rankings were minimal, a recent study indicates that small-to-medium sized enterprises did see some significant changes – just not complete ranking obliteration as the “Mobilegeddon” name suggested. […]

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