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8 Ways to Encourage Employees to Share Your Content on Social Media

Your employees are can be your best marketing asset. Are you taking advantage of them? There are several effective ways to engage your employees and encourage them to share your content and marketing messages on their social channels. You can do this via a formal program by establishing an employee advocacy program or more informally. You need to figure out what will work best in your organization. Here are some tips!

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What Time and Day Are Best for Social Posts?

One in five Americans say a brand presence on social will likely influence their holiday buys. And timing of social posting does seem to matter. Sales Renewal’s insight: Maximize your social media efforts by paying attention to the time and day of your posting. This article reviews a study that showed when to post for […]

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Best of Growth Spurts – Our Favorite Posts from March

Since we update our Growth Spurts blog several times a week, our readers know they can find a lot of actionable marketing & technology advice in it. And in case you’ve missed them, we offer a regular summary roundup of the most popular/interesting posts of the month where we extract the most useful information into […]

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60 Facebook Advertising Mistakes that Make You Look like a Rookie

Protect your advertising ROI – here are 60 Facebook ad mistakes to avoid. Sales Renewal’s insight: Facebook advertising can be deceptively simple and straightforward. This article provides concrete examples of what not to do. Some takeaways: You need to have a compelling offer in order to stand out from the crowd; Take advantage of the […]

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How Small Businesses Can Use Social Media to Grow Their Online Presence – for Free!

A large business with widespread consumer appeal can naturally expect organic social media growth in terms of followers and interaction: people already know your name, are interested in your brand and are looking for answers. In this case, you may spend more time interacting with customers and keeping up with questions than you do just […]

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Introducing New Tools for Nonprofits

Now testing two features to help charities raise awareness and funds directly on Facebook. Sales Renewal’s insight: Do you follow any nonprofits on Facebook? What do you think about being able to support your favorite nonprofit without leaving the social site? Facebook is often the “go to” social network for nonprofits – and now there […]

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Introducing the new Google+

Sales Renewal’s insight: A complete redesign, putting Collections and Communities front and center. Have you used the new Google+? We like the streamlined look and content that seems more accessible. Let us know your thoughts! Sales Renewal’s Insight Read Original Article

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Hearts on Twitter

Stars move over, hearts take their place on Twitter. Sales Renewal’s insight: Apparently, stars were confusing Twitter users. (“At times the star could be confusing, especially to newcomers. You might like a lot of things, but not everything can be your favorite.”) Sales Renewal’s Insight Read Original Article

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