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How Small Businesses Can Use Social Media to Grow Their Online Presence – for Free!

A large business with widespread consumer appeal can naturally expect organic social media growth in terms of followers and interaction: people already know your name, are interested in your brand and are looking for answers. In this case, you may spend more time interacting with customers and keeping up with questions than you do just […]

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Best of Growth Spurts – Our Favorite Posts from November

Since we update our Growth Spurts blog several times a week, our readers know they can find a lot of actionable marketing & technology advice in it. And in case you’ve missed them, we offer a monthly, summary roundup of the most popular/interesting posts of the month where we extract the most useful information into […]

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5 Easy Ways to Make Local Marketing Matter

Local marketing – marketing that’s focused on reaching customers in a specific geographic area – is not for every business. But if you have a physical presence in a specific location and provide services to your community (think bank, florist, shoe store, restaurant, deli, dry cleaners, etc….), you will most likely be able to benefit […]

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How to Get Content into the Hands of Influencers Who Can Help Amplify It

This week we’re going to chat about a problem that many of you have mentioned .. to me and to other folks here at Moz when we talk about content marketing and specifically content amplification like, “Okay, I made some great content. But how do I actually get people to share it? In particular, how […]

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8 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid (Infographic)

Whether it’s oversaturating your content or missing the point of social networks, newer marketers make many mistakes. Sales Renewal’s insight: Many new marketers make mistakes with social media. Some try to take on too much too soon, while others do not promote adequate content. This infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines shares the top 8 social […]

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Free Webinar: The Marketing Essentials All Businesses Need to Grow Sales

Sales Renewal is pleased to present a free, live webinar on Tuesday, June 30, at 1pm ET during which attendees learn about the Marketing Essentials – the powerful mix of the marketing strategies, programs and tactics and sales-enabling technology that every business needs to grow its leads and sales. You can register for the webinar […]

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Four Things You Need to Know About Content Curation

Sales Renewal’s insight: As Marketing Profs notes in this article about content curation, and Sales Renewal agrees, creating fresh, engaging original content on a consistent basis is a tall order for most smaller businesses. It takes an understanding of what is “engaging” to your readers, plus time and talent to plan, write and distribute. We […]

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6 One-Time Tricks to Boost Your Small Business SEO Campaigns

Put these six tricks to good use in your SEO campaign, and watch your rankings climb. Back up your efforts with a strong content marketing and offsite backlink building campaign, and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Sales Renewal’s insight: Some good advice – although the article makes it all sound a lot […]

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How to Grow, and NOT, Grow Sales: SalesMemes 55 – Turkey Bosses

Sales Renewal’s insight: Do you think he cooked his own goose too? For a Thanksgiving post NOT involving #BadExecutionBob’s bosses, check out this week’s 6 T-U-R-K-E-Y Tips We’re Thankful for in Our Online Marketing, Analytics-Driven World post. Visit every Friday to see the latest SalesMemes: the best and worst ideas to increase sales. See […]

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