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Easy, Time-Saving Tip: Schedule Your Facebook Posts

This is a very easy, very valuable tip that we share with our clients who opt for social media coaching (rather than a more comprehensive content management program). It’s a quick lesson in how to schedule posts on your Facebook Page, assuming you are a page manager/administrator. Ready? Using Facebook’s Activity Log and Scheduling Feature […]

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Show Your Stuff vs. Showcase Your Services

Among the responses to our post about REI’s “personalized commercials” was a very thoughtful reply from Marc Cica, Director of Advancement for the Shenango Valley Catholic School System in Hermitage, PA. Cica pointed out that video can be an ideal communication tool for non-profit organizations. When it’s done well, video can be personal, motivational, even […]

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4 Basic Steps of Content Marketing – A Real Life Example [Infographic]

It’s easy to define what content marketing* is: Using original content to acquire and retain customers. The steps a business owner needs to take to put a content marketing plan in place are also easy to describe: Know your audience, create your content, promote your content and build natural links. But how does a business […]

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How Pinteresting! Pinterest Officially Opens Its Doors to Businesses

Brands were so popular on Pinterest that it’s a bit hard to believe that until this past week, Pinterest’s terms of service specified the platform was limited to “personal, non-commercial use.” The social media platform has officially welcomed businesses with the introduction of new tools and new business terms of service, which makes it explicit […]

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