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Brand Smart – Or Why Your Logo Should Be Built to Last

Branding or re-branding? Logo design can be a dicey business.

Capturing the essence of your company – its mission, history and direction as well as products and services – in a logo that’s easy-to-recognize, memorable and attractive (and that reduces well to a 1×1″ or smaller space) is a great challenge. Creating one your company can live with for a decade or more? Well, good luck.

The challenge is just as daunting, or more so, for government agencies, NGOs and non-profits. We could argue that it’s increasingly important for all organizations in the global market where we are all necessarily moving toward more visual communication.

Our advice: When it comes to brand development and logo design, work with professionals. And just to be safe, don’t go with anything that can be mistaken for a marijuana leaf. … Unless that’s your business. Speaking of a growing industry!

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EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt reportedly thinks the seal looks like “a marijuana leaf.” This isn’t the first time the EPA’s iconography has irked politicians.Is your logo built to stand the test of time? (And change of leadership?)
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