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Somewhere between the gratitude of Thanksgiving and the gift-giving of December traditions lies the industry of corporate gifting. Companies can deepen connections, build loyalty, and increase a sense of mutual value with both clients and employees through thoughtful, intentional tokens of appreciation. Here’s an inside look at this rapidly growing business as we head into the business gift giving season.

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Thank-you pages are an essential part of your business’ website. Directing your customers to good thank-you pages after they interact with your site, such as making a purchase, filling out a form, or signing up for your newsletter, is an opportunity for more than just expressing your gratitude.

Does your website or sign up form make good use of “thank-you pages”? Are those pages optimized? You could be missing out on the many benefits of a well-crafted and thoughtful thank-you page, which when done correctly can be a huge driver of traffic, loyalty, feedback, and new clients. Check out these nine tips for creating better thank-you pages to boost revenue.

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Saying “thank you” goes a long way in every type of relationship, and that is especially true in business relationships. Appreciate your employees, your clients, your customers, your suppliers, and anyone else who makes your company successful! Here are three ways to infuse gratitude into your business’ marketing and communications.

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Though sales and marketing have a long history of being at odds in many companies, they’re actually two very important sides of the same coin. Identifying the differences between sales and marketing, then finding ways to bridge the gap between them, can create a strong, consistent revenue stream that is greater than the sum of its parts - effectively making 1 + 1 = 3.

Sales Renewal CEO Keith Loris recently presented a...

There’s a lot of noise out there in the marketplace! Regardless of your product or service, your company likely has many competitors targeting the same market, offering similar solutions for similar pain points. Positioning yourself in a lucrative, distinct segment for your business in a crowded market is key to long-term revenue growth and business success. Here are five ways to better define your segment, courtesy of Business Success.

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Despite the ominous title, Brockbrand makes an excellent point in this article: marketing is the primary revenue generator for businesses, but “marketing” itself is a catch-all term that oversimplifies the highly customized mix of strategy, tactics, and expertise that makes up a company’s marketing approach. Brockbrand suggests that marketing “rebrand” itself to take more credit for the diversity within the generic term.

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Competition between sales departments and marketing departments has been common over the years, despite each side having the same goal of increasing revenue for the company. Bridge the disconnect between your sales and marketing teams to create a more powerful, unified machine to drive your business forward! Create positions to liaise between the two teams, generate assignments that foster an integrated work environment, hone communication to maximize benefit while reducing conflict opportunities - and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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It’s a long-standing battle in the business world: which is more important, sales or marketing? At Sales Renewal, we know that they’re two sides of the same coin, but there are some key differences that distinguish one from the other. Perhaps chief among them is the ever-changing nature of marketing. While sales tactics often stay the same over time, marketing tactics  constantly evolve. Learn more about how marketing tactics shift in this article from Forbes.

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How much should you sell your business for? Financial Advisors often advise you to sell it for X because X is what you’ll need to live the life you’d like in retirement ... but they have no idea whether X is realistic or attainable - that's up to you. And since businesses are bought and sold at a multiple of their revenue (1.2 times, 2.3 times, etc.), when an Advisors says sell for X, what they’re really telling you is the annual revenue you need to hit in your final years of business,...

While building your company is certainly of primary importance to any business owner, properly planning for and executing your exit plan is an often overlooked facet of business ownership that leaves many successful owners in the lurch when it’s time to move on. You’ve worked hard to grow revenue, increase brand awareness, and carve your foothold in the marketplace - don’t let these common setbacks prevent you from achieving the same level of success as you transition forward!

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