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The Power of Follow Ups

One of the best ways to create synergy and boost your marketing reach via your partnerships is to share content. Cross posting and guest posting on your clients’ or partners’ blogs and social media platforms increases your reach, generates additional trust and loyalty for your business, and opens doors to more interesting and relevant content.

For example, this month we’re sharing an infographic and guest post about Sales Skills from IRC that talks about the power of following up with your prospects. Check out the article, written by Nicholas Rubright, and the infographic:

The importance of following up with sales prospects is undeniable. Research shows that 80% of sales happen after the fifth interaction. Despite the fact that this approach has proven effective time and again for closing deals, only...

Figmints Digital Creative Marketing Announces Acquisition of Sales Renewal Corporation

Two leading marketing agencies join together to bring positive progress for companies across the country.

Providence, RI, April 1, 2022 - Providence-based, full-service marketing firm, Figmints, announced today that it has acquired Boston-based outsourced marketing firm, Sales Renewal, which has been servicing clients since 2009. Figmints will be integrating Sales Renewal’s Implementation Business clients and staff into existing business units, and will continue to offer a full range of high-quality marketing services.

“There’s a strong fit here with Figmints,” says Sales Renewal CEO Keith Loris. “They have the structure in place to work with clients of all sizes. Both teams are excited by the connection between our services, teams, and values.”

Sales Renewal clients will still receive the same level of service, but will also be able to take advantage of an expanded range of products and services available through Figmints, which operates a series...

3-Hour Marketing Consultation for 2022 Planning

Has your business ever faced as many challenges as it has the last two years? The pandemic, the supply chain, a growing, inflating economy, and the Great Resignation are some of the paradigm changers we’ve experienced.

Have your business strategies and marketing plans kept up with the changes? Or are you hoping your market, buyers, and competitors have not significantly changed, so you don’t need to either?

Are you willing to bet your business on it?

Sales Renewal is pleased to offer a complimentary three-hour marketing consultation to facilitate your 2022 planning:

  • 1-hour initial Zoom discussion to understand your 2022 business and marketing issues, thoughts & concerns
  • 1-hour of Sales Renewal’s independent investigation & research
  • 1-hour Zoom discussion of research results and our recommendations

The consultation provides an experienced, knowledgeable review of your 2022 business & marketing plans, a...

Accessibility: An Experiential Design Perspective

Website accessibility is an important—and too often overlooked—facet of one's online brand. Not only is it fair that everyone has access to the Web and virtual worlds, but equitable access is also legally mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Fortunately, the costs for increasing the accessibility of your web site have come down dramatically over the years. You no longer need a high-priced team of accessibility experts toiling away for weeks; instead, website plug-ins are available that automate and deskill many tasks so only a few hours are needed at first, and then modest ongoing oversight to ensure updates are handled properly and functionality remains consistent.

While this is good news on its own, it’s even more relevant when you consider the increasing rate of

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