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In a world where every marketing plan is competing for attention with thousands of other messages, email marketing is one of the best ways to get YOUR message directly into your audiences’ hands. While other digital marketing strategies rely on the audience to visit or view your content, emails land in their inboxes, and recent data shows people check their email an average of 15 times per day! Whether you’re already using email marketing, or are just starting to add this tactic to your overall strategy, make sure you’re building a solid foundation to maximize your reach and your impact.

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Modern consumers have evolved beyond the scope of traditional “buy this product” advertising; these days, your customers and clients are as interested in the why and how of products and services as they are in the what.  Creating purposeful narratives that connect with your target audiences on a deeper personal or emotional level will help you stand out amongst your competitors and build a lasting bond that keeps your clients coming back.  Discover how to focus your storytelling content on your customer in this article from Entrepreneur.

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Navigating the gig economy as a small business owner can feel overwhelming. Freelance and contract workers are more available than ever before, and can prove highly effective in maximizing both your budget and your company’s output - but hiring contracted help introduces a difficult maze of understanding, communication, and management that may be more draining for you than it’s worth. Fortunately, at Sales Renewal, we’ve become the experts in building and managing outsourced marketing...

Recruiting freelancers for your business can be a headache, especially when you’re trying to fill and manage positions you’re not always familiar with yourself. For Sales Renewal’s JointSourcing Solution, we routinely need to find and manage subcontractors (freelancers and other marketing agencies) as we assemble our client’s virtual marketing departments staff, and over the years we’ve gotten pretty good at vetting, verifying, and managing them. Here are some tips on how to carefully vet freelancers to prevent missed deadlines, communication issues, security breaches, and more.

Of course, we’d still be happy to help you not only build, but also manage, an outsourced marketing department that’s perfect for your business!

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In the past, high-powered marketing agencies have always come with high-powered price tags, creating expensive gatekeepers that have barred small businesses from gaining the marketing benefits of agencies that can truly move the needle.

This article explores the pros and cons of various informal approaches to assembling your own experienced marketing team. We’re certainly biased, but we think they left the best, most effective type off their list: a complete, outsourced marketing department including a CMO & VP of Marketing (learn more about the JointSourcing Solution).

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We’ve heard it over and over again: it’s important for the environment to work “green” or eco-friendly initiatives into our lives whenever we can. For individuals, the path to a greener lifestyle is simpler, but for businesses, an eco-conscious approach may seem difficult to integrate at first.  We think there are plenty of green initiatives your small business can adopt - and they’ll also be great for your bottom, and sometimes top,...

While the overall benefits of “going green” are readily apparent, we found it interesting to see these added suggestions for furthering your business’ green initiatives as the world economy continues to cautiously reopen after the Coronavirus impact of 2020. Try these four “greening” methods as your company ramps back up in the post-pandemic world:

  1. Go after smaller markets that embrace green practices.
  2. Motivate your employees to adopt green initiatives in their work and daily habits.
  3. Invest and engage in sustainability programs.
  4. Focus on energy efficiency with your equipment, buildings, and vehicles.

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“Going green” is an oft-used phrase, but many small businesses have difficulty working environmentally conscious practices into their operations - especially in the services industry. Determining how your customers can use your green services to meet their business goals, however, is a clever approach to eco-marketing (where you, your customers, and the environment all win) that we’d love to see more often!
Metro Sign & Awning, a Sales Renewal client, wanted to increase referrals from architect and general contractor partners, so they created a content marketing campaign around white papers that explained the benefits of environmentally-friendly, energy-saving business signage to the customers of architects and general contractors. By helping their partners attract customers interested in green signage, Metro was able to grow its referrals from them and deliver many more environmentally beneficial signs.

Read the sample white paper at: www.metrosignandawning.com

Starting your small business can be hard for anyone, but women especially struggle in the entrepreneurial field, which has traditionally been male-dominated.  The SBA is working to level the playing field with a new platform that offers FREE educational resources to women

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With International Women’s Day happening this month, you may have seen your news feeds filled with appreciation, support, and celebration of women everywhere. Though that hasn’t always been the case for women in the workplace, the gender gap is rapidly closing - and the economic benefits of gender diversity has become readily apparent. Study after study has proven that the inclusion of women in business environments has direct and indirect financial benefits....

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