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The New Normal for Business and Marketing Strategies

As businesses around the country try to assess what’s next after the big Shut Down, many are realizing that it won’t be “business as usual”, not just because of the reopening guidelines imposed by the government, but because...

The market has three things its debating among itself. When it comes to life post-pandemic, three are top of mind.

Source: www.forbes.com

Interesting take from an economist on 3 key changes. The last one is particularly scary for Sales Renewal clients:

  1. More Saving, Less Spending
  2. New Supply Chains
  3. Small Business Looks Scarier
  • "Right now, trial lawyers and ambulance chasers are busy filing suits against businesses opening up before quarantines are lifted, citing a danger to public health. Others are suing nursing homes. This becomes a whole new insurance risk going forward — making sure someone doesn’t try to sue because they went into your store and came out with a 101 fever the next day."

Commentary: Government intervention, a contact-free economy, and automation will all define the new normal.

Source: fortune.com

Now that many of the worst-affected states are beginning to reopen their economies, we are all realizing that the post-pandemic world will be very different than it was just a few short months ago. We can expect increased government intervention as a result of the huge stimulus and bailout payments, and greater emphasis on promoting “an economy that serves all Americans”. According to the authors, the seismic shift to a contact-free economy will be seen in three areas in particular: digital commerce, telemedicine, and automation. All businesses need to rethink their business models and the name of the game is resilience. Companies will have to build, or strengthen, backup and safety plans, step up succession plans, and expand work-at-home capabilities. The good news is that the authors also anticipate some positive outcomes as a result of these changes. Sales Renewal is talking to a number of our clients on how they can adapt their businesses for success in what is being called the new normal.

Large-scale gatherings are on hold for the foreseeable future. That is taking a toll on the live events industry and society at large.

Source: www.nytimes.com

Large public events and trade shows will probably be on hold for a long while. "Curated" events may be a very viable replacement: regional, minimal contact events with invitation-only participants in brand name venues and controlled environments.

History has already shown us quite how drastic an effect disease can have on spatial design. COVID-19 will undoubtedly impact how we create space.

Source: www.frameweb.com

The COVID-19 pandemic will likely be an inflection point in the design of public and retail spaces. Expect to see changes in materials used (plastic and steel are out - copper is in) and navigation paths (more IKEA single-path navigation, less Apple Store open concept). In addition, advanced HVAC filtration systems and spacial semiotics to denote entrance to a clean, controlled environment will be needed to instill consumer confidence and encourage customers to return to brick-and-mortar retailers.

These tips will help you and your team be productive regardless of where they work.

Source: www.inc.com

While we at Sales Renewal have been a remote team from the company’s inception almost fifteen years ago, this new era of mandated physical distancing has forced many managers to reevaluate how to maintain productivity and preserve their pre-covid corporate culture from afar. This article reinforces the notion that personal check-ins, increased communication, and a more flexible approach to the workday may be required, with the understanding that not all personal circumstances are the same. The good news is, that armed with the right tools and technology, most managers seem to be making the shift with relatively few hiccups. Our tip: we encourage you to appreciate all the screaming kids and barking dogs for what they are – a bit of levity in these tense and unpredictable times.

Change was coming all along, but the coronavirus has expedited a number of key facets of consumer behavior.

Source: www.ama.org

While the cultural shift during the pandemic has been tremendous, there are many facets that are likely to become the new normal for businesses and their marketing strategies in the future.

Businesses should not look at this time as a temporary normal that they can come up with some quick fixes for, but as a permanent shift for the future. There will be a new way of doing things and the business models and marketing strategies will be different - it's already changing every day.

With people staying at home more often than ever, virtual has become the new standard. Video calls and online communication are more normal and saving consumers time, setting them with a new expectation of how they can communicate with companies and firms. For example, having a video meeting with a professional service instead of visiting their office, can be more convenient and efficient for a consumer - something they might want to keep doing in the future.

The reality is that people are developing new ways of doing things and new expectations are being set. Many companies will need to have a substantial online presence to meet their consumer's needs. Is your business in line with adapting to the new virtual landscape of consumer behavior?

People have reached out asking for advice on protecting their content marketing investments in these uncertain times. Here's how to make the case.

Source: contently.com

Three reasons to increase your content marketing budget in the COVID era:

1) Content Marketing delivers compound returns that grow over time.

2) Content is the most cost-effective place to reallocate part of your paused event marketing and paid media budgets.

3) With in-person events suddenly canceled, virtual events are becoming critical. When the focus turns to the screen, strong content becomes more important than ever. Mediocre presentations can’t be propped up by great food, booze, and networking opportunities.

Many updates are taking considerably longer than normal.

Source: searchengineland.com

During this time of crisis, it's so important for local businesses and companies to make sure they are keeping all of their channels, including their Google My Business listing, up to date with special hours, contact information and posts to keep their community informed of any changes or updates.

This was the advice laid out by Google recently, but now the listing service is experiencing delays and functionality issues as local businesses and companies have been flooding the site and Google’s own staff is reduced. As a result, Google temporarily disabled new local reviews, as well as the ability to post responses, in an attempt to mitigate the problem.

Remember to also update other channels such as your website, social media and local listings to ensure the information is accessible.

Guest Poster: Peter Stassa of Davideo Company, corporate video production specialists.

You probably don't have an unlimited budget. We get that, neither do we. We understand that while you value the use of video content to build brand awareness and credibility, you still need to stay within your means. So, ask yourself this:

Where is your content going to be seen?

If you're posting...

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