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Sales Renewal Introduces the JointSourcing Pro™ Solution For Professional Service Providers Professional Services Firms and Advisors benefit from a unique approach to achieving measurable success from their marketing and business development activities Concord, MA, September 20, 2018 – Sales Renewal is pleased to announce JointSourcing Pro, a unique marketing program designed to help professional service providers […]

Networking: Necessary Evil or Untapped Opportunity?

Ah, networking – the marketing activity everyone loves to hate. We say if you hate it, you’re doing it wrong. What we often hear from people who do a lot of networking – professional services providers, in particular – is that networking is a necessary evil. But they don’t like it for a variety of […]

Branding Is the Strategic Backbone of Law Firm Marketing

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Branding is not just for consumer products anymore and has earned its place in the mainstream of professional services marketing over the past several years. While the expression of your brand may be a catchy tagline or new graphics, the true essence of the brand will be those defining factors that set you apart from your competition; in other words, your brand needs to speak to your differentiation. Learn more about branding in this article from industry expert Merry Neitlich. Read Original Article Here  

Article Excerpt:

Law firm branding has come of age.

Client Development: A First Year Lawyer Shares What He Has Learned

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It’s never too early to start thinking about building a book of business. One of the most effective ways of doing so is putting yourself in the client’s shoes and approaching business development from the client perspective. Learn some basic lessons from a top industry coach and try implementing them into your own practice. Read Original Article Here  

Article Excerpt:

I truly love coaching lawyers. I especially love coaching lawyers with a burning desire to learn. Over the years, I have coached very few first year lawyers, but those I have coached have been among the most motivated. …

Now Hiring: Senior Marketing Manager

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We’re growing, and looking for an experienced marketing professional with demonstrated success. Please review the job description here. This is a remote position and the successful candidate will enjoy working with a diverse set of clients and a talented team of co-workers. 

Alexa and Yext and Oh, the Possibilities

Alexa and Yext sales listings

Wouldn’t it be cool if Amazon’s amazingly popular digital assistant for the home, Alexa, could recommend your business? If you’re signed up for Sales Renewal’s Local Marketing program, Alexa will be doing this for your business very soon. Anyone will be able to ask Alexa,  “Find X near me”  (where X is what your business does) and […]

EasyAuthoring, a Smart Content Marketing Tool for Small Business

Easy vs. Hard Content Marketing

Creating and sharing useful, quality content is time-consuming. Many of our clients have found that EasyAuthoring provides a perfect balance, helping make the most of their time while providing quality content for their customers and prospects (and Google).

Even Your Dog Has A Persona

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Marketing personas are useful for message development as well as when developing or redefining products. So doggone it, maybe your dog should have one too. But until your dog has a job and can pay some bills, the marketing personas you should focus on are those of your ideal prospects. Remember, your customers come into your sales funnel looking for different products or solutions, for different reasons, and with different buying criteria. Do you have a marketing persona for each of them? This is a fundamental step in crafting your message and it's also helpful in positioning and pricing decisions. Questions about marketing personas? Time to review or update your strategy? Contact us.

Sales Renewal Collaborates on New Marketing Strategy with Image 4, the Leader in 3-Dimensional Brand Experience

The JointSourcing Solution helped Image 4 orchestrate a strategic repositioning to achieve its dual goals of growing revenue and unifying its brand & messaging across four distinct verticals. Boston, May 23, 2018 – Sales Renewal, a unique, full service marketing agency that is revolutionizing small business marketing, is pleased to announce the latest client to […]

SEO: Conducting Checklists/Audits for Firm’s Online Success

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In today's competitive online world, SEO is extremely important for site rank. This article details analytics, keyword research, site traffic, & other ways to increase rank
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