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Competition between sales departments and marketing departments has been common over the years, despite each side having the same goal of increasing revenue for the company. Bridge the disconnect between your sales and marketing teams to create a more powerful, unified machine to drive your business forward! Create positions to liaise between the two teams, generate assignments that foster an integrated work environment, hone communication to maximize benefit while reducing conflict opportunities - and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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It’s a long-standing battle in the business world: which is more important, sales or marketing? At Sales Renewal, we know that they’re two sides of the same coin, but there are some key differences that distinguish one from the other. Perhaps chief among them is the ever-changing nature of marketing. While sales tactics often stay the same over time, marketing tactics  constantly evolve. Learn more about how marketing tactics shift in this article from Forbes.

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How much should you sell your business for? Financial Advisors often advise you to sell it for X because X is what you’ll need to live the life you’d like in retirement ... but they have no idea whether X is realistic or attainable - that's up to you. And since businesses are bought and sold at a multiple of their revenue (1.2 times, 2.3 times, etc.), when an Advisors says sell for X, what they’re really telling you is the annual revenue you need to hit in your final years of business,...

While building your company is certainly of primary importance to any business owner, properly planning for and executing your exit plan is an often overlooked facet of business ownership that leaves many successful owners in the lurch when it’s time to move on. You’ve worked hard to grow revenue, increase brand awareness, and carve your foothold in the marketplace - don’t let these common setbacks prevent you from achieving the same level of success as you transition forward!

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What exactly IS an exit strategy? Small business owners have their hands full building and maintaining a business, but rarely spend time in advance thinking about how they’ll eventually hand off the company they’ve built. Understanding your options to transition out of the business can help you develop long-term goals and an exit strategy that nets you the largest possible return on your time and financial investment in your business. Check out these five exit strategy types to start thinking ahead!

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We’ve all seen our share of tire-kickers - those would-be buyers who take their time in making a purchase decision, evaluating every detail because they’re in no rush to pull the trigger. This problem becomes especially prominent when your company’s main service or product is a comprehensive, all-inclusive solution since there’s that much more to evaluate.

Good marketers know all this time sitting in the sales...

Creating a marketing strategy to boost your business is a great start - but without consistent ongoing execution, even the best plans are doomed to failure. Is the implementation of your marketing plan facing any of these five challenges? Our JointSourcing solution can get your business back on the right track towards your goals!

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While it’s no secret that marketing is vital to business growth, far too many small businesses tend to take a “just wing it” approach to their marketing. We strongly recommend having a planned strategy to keep your marketing budget focused and efficient, so here are five great reasons to start building strategies and get your company’s plan off the ground - and we’re always here to help walk you through each tactic and apply it most effectively for YOUR business!

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When building your business, having a great product or service is just the beginning. Communicating your company’s offerings, solutions, and advantages is crucial for turning a good product into a wildly successful one. But in the age of digital communication, traditional advertising is no longer the only way to tell people about what you offer. Connecting with your target audience through digital media can be an incredibly powerful asset to your brand and business - as long as you can...

In a world where every marketing plan is competing for attention with thousands of other messages, email marketing is one of the best ways to get YOUR message directly into your audiences’ hands. While other digital marketing strategies rely on the audience to visit or view your content, emails land in their inboxes, and recent data shows people check their email an average of 15 times per day! Whether you’re already using email marketing, or are just starting to add this tactic to your overall strategy, make sure you’re building a solid foundation to maximize your reach and your impact.

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