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"Based on our experience supporting Chinese enterprises with their recovery plans, we have extracted 12 early lessons for leaders elsewhere."

Source: hbr.org

Well worth the read; here's a sample:

4. Reallocate labor flexibly to different activities.
For example, in response to a severe decline in revenue, more than 40 restaurants, hotels, and cinema chains optimized their staffing to free up a large share of their workforces. They then shared those employees with Hema, a “new retail” supermarket chain owned by Alibaba, which was in urgent need of labor for delivery services due to the sudden increase in online purchases. O2O players, including Ele, Meituan, and JD’s 7Fresh followed this lead by also borrowing labor from restaurants.

5. Shift your sales channel mix away from face-to-face towards new channels
For example, cosmetics company Lin Qingxuan was forced to close 40% of its stores during the crisis, including all of its locations in Wuhan. However, the company redeployed its 100+ beauty advisors from those stores to become online influencers who leveraged digital tools, such as WeChat, to engage customers virtually and drive online sales. As a result, its sales in Wuhan achieved 200% growth compared to the prior year’s sales.

Chat bots were central to Facebook Messenger’s strategy three years ago. Now they’re being hidden from view in the app along with games and businesses. Facebook Messenger is now removing the Discover tab as it focuses on speed and simplicity instead of broad utility like China’s WeChat.

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At the beginning of this week, Facebook began rolling out a new update of its Messenger app. The update brings a much simpler design to the app, by removing the "Discover" tab and hiding chatbots, along with businesses and games. Users will now only be able to find chatbots by searching for them specifically in the app. Before, you could find business and bots in the Discover tab, but now that is long gone. That also means businesses will no longer be able to promote themselves through Discover and may now be limited to advertising through Stories and other paid marketing channels to promote their company and get users to communicate with their bots.

Messenger policy changes are coming on March 4, 2020. Learn how to stay compliant while using Facebook Messenger, and take the reins using new marketing channels to scale your business.

Source: manychat.com

Today, March 4, 2020, Facebook's new messenger policy changes have taken effect. You can read the full overview from Facebook here. The update was created to help reduce spam and abuse, improve user experience and more. If your business utilizes the messenger feature make sure you review the policy changes and use the guide linked below to help you stay compliant.

Google advanced search lets you customize searches with a set of special instructions. Let's take a look at how you can leverage it to conduct better searches.

Source: www.oberlo.com

Have you ever tried to search for something on Google but couldn't find what you're looking for? Many people aren't aware of a feature that the search platform offers to help you find very specific results much easier. Advanced Search is a tool offered by Google that allows a user to fill in different rules and/or commands to narrow their search.  These rules can be very simple once you have a good understanding of how they work - read the article for some tips and examples so you can utilize the tool next time you need specific results! 

Did you know 80% of infections are spread by hand? Here's some alternative greetings to reduce the risk of spreading germs!

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For all you heavy face-2-face networkers out there, here are 6 non-germ spreading ways to greet colleagues

Webinars are highly-effective tools at any stage of the buyer’s journey. Learn what kinds of webinar you can host and start connecting with your customers.

Source: www.smartinsights.com

Just like there are many types of businesses and customers, there are many types of webinar styles and formats. Webinars can either be live or recorded, can be educational and engaging or can be designed to promote a product or service. Each different style has a place to achieve your desired goal. Regardless of the format or style, webinars are a smart addition to your marketing mix.

But what does it actually mean to be a thought leader? Is it in fact a good marketing strategy for the professional services firm? The answers to these questions, and more, are what we will cover in this post.

Source: hingemarketing.com

As a specific strategy within the broader discipline of content marketing, thought leadership not only showcases particular expertise, it demonstrates new thinking that influences the development of the broader field and is used successfully by many professional service providers. Whether you’re a resident expert, known to those within your firm as the “go-to” on a particular subject matter, or an aspiring national or international expert recognized beyond your firm and industry boundaries, it’s important to develop your thought leadership strategy. From identifying your target audience, to narrowly defining your area of expertise, deciding on content and gaining visibility for your ideas, there’s a lot more to thought leadership than simply writing articles. Read more on how to develop your strategy, how to improve your content, and how to increase visibility if you or your firm is looking to use thought leadership to grow your brand.

Marketing strategy is the why behind the work, and a marketing plan is the when and the what that describes the work. Here's how to use them.

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Using snail mail in a digital world may sound backward, but businesses regularly use direct mail. Here are some tips to help your business send mailers.

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Direct mail still works for much of the world.