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10 Strategies to Get More Reviews and Compete in SERPs

Reviews have been an important for online businesses since the beginning, but they're even more important now.


  • Consumers require an average 40 online reviews before believing a business’s star rating is accurate (up from 34 in 2017)
  • 85% of consumers think that online reviews older than 3 months aren’t relevant

The authors propose mulitple strategies to use to get more reviews for your business, here are their best:

1. Deliver an Outstanding Customer Experience (if you're not, don't bother with getting reviews)
2. Ask Every Customer
3. Respond to Positive and Negative Reviews
4. People Have their Preferences, Select Sites Customers Use
5. Make Leaving A Review Simple
6. Time Your Request
7. Automate Requests
8. Play the Long Game

And finally, when creating an online reputation management program, it's important to understand the important difference between 1st and 3rd party reviews

  • 1st-Party Review: Feedback or testimonial given directly to your business by a customer. The business owns the content.
  • 3rd-Party Review: Feedback given to a 3rd-party review site like Google or Trip Advisor. The site owns the content.

Read the full article at: gatherup.com

Sales Renewal Launches Strategic Marketing Consulting Practice

Businesses Turn to Sales Renewal to Create Strategies that Drive Success

Concord, Mass.—Oct 20, 2020—Sales Renewal, building on the success of its outsourced marketing offering, the JointSourcing Solution™, is pleased to announce the launch of its new, standalone Strategic Marketing consulting practice.

Since its founding in 2009, Sales Renewal has been offering JointSourcing (“joint venture” + “outsourcing”), a unique, one-stop marketing solution that shares risk & reward and provides everything a small business needs to grow its revenue and brand. This includes a fractional CMO for marketing strategy, a VP of Marketing for day-to-day marketing management, and all the people and technology required to create their custom marketing plan and then implement and manage it under...

Sales Renewal’s Strategic Consulting Service Helps Law Firm Pivot with New Business Model

Sales Renewal is often asked to help clients wrestling with challenging strategic decisions, whether it’s adjusting their business and marketing strategies to their new Covid realities (something that has unfortunately become way too common), reducing their time-to-first-dollar from prospects in their pipeline or devising a go-to-market strategy for a new product or service they’re considering.

This video, for example, discusses Sales Renewal’s work with Eno Martin Donahue & Roth LLP, a 130-year-old law firm with offices in MA and NH, that needed a go-to-market strategy for a new service idea that had three ambitious goals:

  1. Changing the way small and midsize businesses think of, and engage with, their attorneys.
  2. Growing the firm’s outside general counsel business (lawyers...
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