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7 (Mostly Free) Ways to Maximize Facebook for Your Business

So you have a company Facebook page. You do two to three status updates a week, sometimes post a photo. But you're left wondering, "Is there anything else I can do?”

We've rounded up 7 easy ways to help make your Facebook page work harder for your business:

  1. Showcase your brand via the Facebook Timeline
  2. Participate on Facebook as your brand
  3. Run contests for your followers
  4. Set up special apps to engage your followers
  5. Open up the Subscribe button for your personal page
  6. Set up networking, social and niche "groups” for targeted messages
  7. Advertise your Facebook Page to promote your business

Our 7 Ways to Maximize Facebook for Your Business tip sheet will give you more details about these ideas. Of course, before...

Free Social Media Blueprint

To celebrate the publication of our first Sales Renewal newsletter, we're offering a Free Social Media Blueprint.

With a Social Media Blueprint, Sales Renewal can help get you on the right track with your social media efforts. The process includes two hours of meeting time with you to assess your current program and goals for future programs. We then prepare a plan that is customized for your business that will provide direction, make recommendations and offer tips and insights.

Contact us by October 12 to have your name randomly selected to win a Free Social Media Blueprint – a $500...

Quick Tip: Google Offers

Google is far more than just a search engine and when it comes to special offers, discounts or deals Google is an untapped resource for far too many businesses. Sales Renewal, for example, has long leveraged Google Places (now Google + Local) as a high traffic, free promotional platform, and more recently began similarly taking advantage of Google Wallet.

Now, Google is beta-testing a new promotion option that we're considering adding into the mix (and so should you if we're not doing this for you). Google Offers makes it easy to set up a special offer to reach existing customers and prospects who view your listing via Google Maps, ...

Mendon’s new website to help residents, town connect

From the Milford Daily News:

Ever wonder when the highway department might be sweeping your street? Or maybe you needed a schedule of parks and recreation events, or copies of meeting minutes from the Board of Selectmen?

The town's new website should be able to help you out.

Mendonma.gov, which was unveiled in late June, is modern and easier to use, webmaster Todd Garrison said.

"Different departments are highlighted, so they're easy to find, " said Garrison, a software Web marketing manager for the Boston-based firm Carbonite. "We tried to develop a site that didn't scare people away." ...

"The old website (mendonma.net) was awful, " Ambrosino said. "It was about eight years old, difficult to use, and out of date, so nobody would think to use it except to view the town calendar."

New features include individual pages for...

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