Providing small businesses enterprise-level marketing at a price small businesses can afford.

Sales Renewal is a unique, outsourced marketing agency offering The JointSourcing Solution™, a complete, one-stop marketing solution that delivers enterprise-level marketing at a price small business can afford. The result:

B2B Client over 2.5 years 
Leads: +380% (87% CAGR)
Cost/Lead:-74% (-42% CAGR)
B2C Client over 4 years
Sales: +170% (28% CAGR)
Cost/Sale: -33% (-7% CAGR)
  • Your Challenge: Cost Effectively Increasing Your Leads and Sales

    You’re smart. You understand the wisdom of “measure twice, cut once” and the importance of a strategic growth plan. But you know that the time, analysis and marketing expertise required are in very short supply with all the day-to-day pressures and responsibilities you face.

    And you are frustrated by a marketing industry designed for big enterprises – not small business.

    Most small businesses do not have a deep marketing bench, so they have to rely on outside agencies much more than big companies do. And while most marketing today is multidisciplinary, most marketing agencies are specialists—solely focusing on one marketing silo: advertising, PR, trade shows, SEO, websites, telemarketing, social media, etc.—so getting competitive agencies to cooperate to deliver an integrated marketing solution is difficult.

    Big companies solve this problem by leveraging their large marketing and technical infrastructure: the layers of executive & middle management experienced in all the different marketing strategies and tactics, their in-house developers and IT departments, their analytic resources and specialists, and more. This is not an option for smaller companies.

    Worse, most small businesses cannot afford to supplement their existing staff by hiring and managing all the missing marketing, technology and analytic talent required for success.

JointSourcing Solution(TM)

A Custom Solution for Breakthrough Growth that Shares Risk & Reward

JointSourcing (“joint venture” + “outsourcing”) delivers everything a small business needs to grow its revenue and brand: an outsourced CMO for marketing strategy, a VP of Marketing for day-to-day management, and all the people and technology required to develop, implement and manage your custom marketing plan. JointSourcing does it all and takes the burden of hiring and managing a marketing team of employees or outside vendors off your shoulders.

JointSourcing Solutions are comprehensive, integrated and completely custom. We select the best, most cost effective strategies, programs and tactics for your business from the entire sales and marketing universe:

  1. Paid Marketing
  2. In-Person Marketing
  3. Web Marketing & SEO
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Social Media & PR
  6. eMail Marketing
  7. Customer Marketing
  8. Product Marketing
  9. Sales-Enabling Technology
  10. Strategy, Management & Benchmarking

And, thanks to JointSourcing’s shared risk and reward business model the pay-for-performance aspects aligns our economic interest with yours. This is why our clients trust us to manage their day-to-day marketing under their supervision.

The results can be impressive.


Free Consultation: Find Out Which Solution is Right for Your Business

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Three Steps to Growth

Step 1: Blueprint

JointSourcing Solution

Blueprint (1 – 2 months)

Optimal Growth Plan

Together, we make a comprehensive assessment of your:

  • Competitive position
  • Business strategies and brands
  • Sales & marketing strategies, programs and tactics
  • In-house vs. needed expertise and sales-enabling technology

Based on this collaborative analysis, we recommend changes to your current marketing stance. Unlike marketing consultants, however, we don’t stop there as we also deliver a detailed proposal to both put the needed changes into place and to manage them during the first year (including a detailed budget).

If you accept our Blueprint proposal, we proceed to the Build and Sell Steps described below (you’re under no obligation to do so, however, and you’re free to take our good ideas with you).


Step 2: Build Services

JointSourcing Solution

Build (1-3 months)

During the Build step, Sales Renewal and the outsourced Team implement the changes, improvements and additions to your strategy, brands, marketing and technology called for in your JointSourcing Blueprint.


Step 3: Sell Services

JointSourcing Solution

Sell (1 year contract)

To ramp up your growth without burdening your company, Sales Renewal handles all the day-to-day marketing and technology work necessary to drive your brand awareness, grow your leads and sales, and free up your timeOn your behalf, Sales Renewal also manages all the best-of-breed subcontractors that have earned a place on your insourced Team. We also work closely with you and your key personnel on strategy, continuously benchmarking performance and we “report” to you on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis (as you prefer).


Expert Teams

JointSourcing Solution

Marketing General Contractor

To provide the specific breadth and depth of sales, marketing & technology expertise your growth requires (click to expand the graphic above), Sales Renewal has adopted the proven, successful model of “General Contracting” from the construction industry.As your “Marketing General Contractor” we insource, hire and manage the team of expert marketing & technology “subcontractors” your JointSourcing Blueprint calls for (supplementing those already in your employ). You benefit because you do not have to hire or manage these subcontractors, referee any disputes, or pay their full time salaries and benefits.

Nevertheless, we put you in complete control as Sales Renewal “reports” to you while we remain soup-to-nuts responsible for growing your sales and are your single accountable party.


Business Models

JointSourcing Solution

Shared Reward and Risk … Better than Pay-for-Performance

JointSourcing’s business model goes beyond pay-for-performance as it shares both reward and risk and literally invests Sales Renewal in your success.Shared Reward (“pay for performance”): Sales Renewal earns a small percentage of the revenue we help you generate (a commission). This highly motivates us to grow sales.

Shared Risk (“skin in the game”): Sales Renewal pays that same percentage of the big ticket marketing expenses that drive the overall marketing budget (e.g., advertising, direct mail, etc.). This highly motivates us to keep marketing costs down and grow sales cost effectively.

This win-win alignment of your economic interests with ours helps engender trust between us, and is the “secret sauce” that makes the JointSourcing Solution such a unique, powerful approach to growing sales.

With JointSourcing, the best way for Sales Renewal to grow our revenue is to grow yours.

Here’s a reward/risk example: if our commission is 2.5% and we recommend a $5,000 per month ad campaign, we will pay $125 each month.

This $125 is an equity-free, monthly investment in your business!

Moreover, since our economic interests are aligned, you can trust our recommendation to spend $5,000 because if we see a good return on our share of the ad cost, you will too.


Client Testimonials

“You’re not simply a vendor selling me something; you’re a partner pushing me to realize the growth that I am capable of with the focus and accountability to a “partner.” Having someone be on the same side of the table is especially important because it’s always easier to problem solve with others who have complementary expertise. Knowing our interests are aligned creates a level of trust that’s very comforting, plus I have no patience for technical details yet I know that they’re very important.”

— T.J., a B2B client

“Having two highly dedicated and bright teams responsible for [rebranding the company, launching a new e-commerce site and new marketing programs] has allowed us to deliver something far superior than either team alone could have.”

— S.W., a B2B client
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“This is the kind of help business owners need. I’m a manufacturer, what do I know about Sales & Marketing? It’s kinda boring to me, but you guys clearly live for it. I’m amazed by the amount of thought and planning you’re putting into this. It’s very exciting!”

— J.C. a B2C client

“I feel like we’ve created a monster, we’re so over-whelmed with web orders! Can we make it stop? Just kidding!”

— H.H., a B2C client the week before an extremely busy Mother’s Day
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