Are you focused on increasing sales in Q3 2013?

We’ve recently conducted 3rd Quarter Planning Sessions with our clients.

Pssst – when was the last time you made a quarterly marketing plan and followed it?

In those meetings, they heard specific details about things we did during Q2 to improve SEO rankings, reach more qualified prospects at the beginning of the sales cycle, and stay in touch with customers after the sale. Next, we asked them about –

  • new business opportunities
  • progress on product development and strategic projects, and
  • employee training programs scheduled in the coming months

Then, together, we agreed on a strategy to focus (our) Q3 sales and marketing activities to complement and enhance (their) internal sales programs and long-term growth plans. Other than a few emails and phone calls between now and next quarter, our clients are free from the day-to-day management of marketing activities like lead generation, blogging, newsletter and other content development, and ecommerce sales tracking.

As one of our customers put it, “I really like that you’re so focused on results: growing my sales.”

Now that third quarter sales plans are set, we’ll continue to focus on increasing sales while our clients have more time to develop bigger accounts, win new contracts, and – oh yeah – run their business.

Outsourced sales and marketing that don’t charge by the hour?

One of the reasons outsourced sales and marketing programs are attractive is that they offer a way to increase sales and save time. Time to invest in identifying strategic business partners, developing new products or breaking in to new markets.

And while outsourcing sales and marketing saves you time, you’re still paying for the time.

That’s why the JointSourcing model works for business owners who constantly grapple with the time-is-money conundrum. As one of our clients said:

“At first, I thought the pay-for-performance model would just be a great way for me to acquire expertise while keeping my fixed costs low … what I didn’t realize is how profoundly it stepped up my ability to execute. You’re not simply a vendor selling me something; you’re a partner pushing me to realize the growth that I am capable of… .”

An economical way to increase sales and focus your time

Want a partner who is accountable to you and your bottom line? See our website to learn more about JointSourcing. Just don’t wait too long. Time and money don’t grow on trees, you know.

Sales Renewal’s insight:

When was the last time you made a quarterly marketing plan and followed it? Our clients know what a challenge it is to increase sales while devoting the necessary time to running – and growing – the business. Sales Renewal helps business owners overcome that challenge. What’s in your Q3 marketing plan?

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