Flex Marketing™

An On-Demand, Guided Marketing Program

With Sales Renewal’s Flex Marketing™ program, you decide how much marketing assistance you need each month and what you’d like us to actively help with. Our unique program combines Coaching – you learn through our experience, guidance and suggestions, Doing – providing boots-on-the-ground help to get things done – and Strategizing – to make sure your marketing is always moving in the most cost-effective, rewarding strategic directions.

Who is Flex Marketing for?

Flex Marketing is for small businesses who want to grow their leads and sales with the help of a dedicated Marketing Advisor who can share their expertise, teach best practices, accelerate you through learning curves, and be an experienced sounding board for the unanticipated issues that always arise.

“Flex Marketing has helped me plan, coordinate and run my marketing. I can’t believe how much I have learned, and I can get direct answers to my questions. I love that I can bring any marketing issue or question to the table. Having someone to discuss my ideas with every week – and having someone who also helps with the work – means all my ideas that used to stay as just ideas are now actually getting done as part of a coordinated plan.

And because I can adjust the amount of help I receive each month, Flex Marketing is really affordable. When I have a big marketing project I can ramp up the assistance, and once it’s done, I can drop it back down to the minimum.”

Owner Mendon Greenhouse & Florist

How Does Flex Marketing Work?

Flex Marketing is priced to fit your budget –you choose how much you’d like to invest each month. The plan includes a combination of Coaching, Doing and Strategy hours:

Coaching – regularly scheduled meetings (phone or Teams) with your Marketing Advisor, during which we’ll discuss any questions or issues you may have, set goals, create an action plan, and divvy up responsibilities.

Doing – Your Marketing Advisor is also your marketing partner who provides boots-on-the-ground help. Depending on decisions made during the coaching meetings, the actual projects we work on can vary widely. One week you may need some help getting an email out, and the next week you might want someone to edit a blog post. We can work on growing your Twitter followers, or create a series of social media posts, or work with the local press to get coverage of an upcoming event. If you would like to have a higher level discussion around your marketing strategy, you may choose to schedule a Strategic Session.

Strategy – For more strategic issues, you have the option of scheduling “Strategic Sessions”: meetings with your Marketing Advisor and your business’ dedicated CMO.

The possibilities are endless.

How Much Does Flex Marketing Cost?

Flex Marketing = Flexible Plan Options

There’s no limit on the strategies and tactics we assist you with and each month’s Flex Marketing time can vary according to your needs:

  • Minimum: $400 for 3 hours of Coaching and/or Doing hours per month.
    • Bonus: One free “getting up to speed” hour included in the first month
  • Maximum: no limit (beyond the constraints of scheduling).
    • Initially 50% of the time will be Coaching hours and 50% will be Doing hours.
    • The ratio can change each month depending on need (e.g., could be 100% Coaching or Doing).
  • Additional Coaching or Doing hours are $135/hour
  • [Optional] Strategic Sessions with your Marketing Advisor and CMO are $195/hour
  • Term: to provide enough time to have an impact, the initial term is 4 months. After this, it becomes a month-to-month commitment.

Find Out if Flex Marketing is Right for Your Business

Flex Marketing:


  • Minimum: 3 hours.
  • Maximum: no limit
    • Initially 50% of the time will be Coaching hours and 50% will be Doing hours.
    • The ratio can change each month depending on need (e.g., could be 100% Coaching or Doing).
  • All hours billed at $135/hour.
  • [Optional] Strategic Sessions with your Marketing Advisor and CMO are $250/hour

First month and ongoing commitment:

  • To provide enough time to have an impact, the initial term is 4 months.
    • Bonus, Jumpstart hour included in the first month at no charge.
  • After the first 4 months, it becomes a month-to-month commitment.

BONUS Jump Start Hour

Complimentary Hour Included with Your Initial 4-Month Commitment

To jump-start the program, Sales Renewal will send you a Flex Marketing Questionnaire which we will separately review to help us understand your goals, challenges and issues, and then meet together to plan the best way to approach them.

Flex Marketing Add-Ons:

Add-ons to the base Flex Marketing package include:

Pay-per-click, Online Advertising

  • Provided by 3rd party experts, managed by Sales Renewal
  • No separate setup or monthly fee to the Ad Agency
  • Monthly budget: Minimum: $200. Recommended: $500+
  • Google, Microsoft, and/or Yahoo

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • On-Page: Enhanced keywords & technical factors
  • Off-page: Provided by 3rd party expert managed by Sales Renewal
  • $250+/month

Local Marketing

  • Listings, Reviews and Local Promotion
  • $75/month per locationMarketing Essentials Blueprint

Marketing Essentials Blueprint

  • An actionable marketing analysis and plan
  • $2,500

SR EasyAuthoring™

  • Sales Renewal enhancements to WordPress and other blog platforms that makes blogging of original and curated content easy
  • $99/month

Enhancements to Your Website

  • Deliverable dependent

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