The JointSourcing Solution for Professional Services™

A One-Stop Marketing Program for Professional Service Firms

JointSourcing Pro (“joint venture” + “insourcing” + “professional services”) is a complete, one-stop marketing program designed for professional services firms. JointSourcing Pro provides everything needed—marketing management, strategy, people and tools—while not burdening clients with hiring or managing a team of marketing experts or paying their full time salaries or benefits.

With an emphasis on thought leadership, expertise marketing, relationship building, and branding, JointSourcing Pro is the marketing solution professional services firms have been looking for.

JointSourcing Pro Understands Professional Services

Marketing Professional Services is hard. Trust and the relationship between the prospect and individual advisor is far more critical to new business development than in most industries.

Further, many advisors are uncomfortable promoting themselves, focus too much on personal networking and not enough on other, more effective marketing strategies. Often, they rely too much on their title or job description to convey what they do which makes them seem like everyone else.

The key for Professional Services marketing success is to effectively differentiate yourself from your competition, promote your expertise, focus on the benefits you deliver and build a strong brand, both at the firm and individual level.

In JointSourcing Pro, Sales Renewal will work closely with you to determine the optimum mix of marketing strategies & tactics, for your industry and firm culture.

JointSourcing is Truly Unique

In JointSourcing Pro, Sales Renewal acts as a Marketing General Contractor who “insources” a custom, self-managing marketing department for your firm: a CMO, a VP of Marketing, a complete marketing team and all the technology required.

And because we manage the team on a day-to-day basis while you still make the key decisions, you can focus on servicing your clients while we grow your brand and revenue.

JointSourcing Pro has shared risk and reward business model: we earn a % commission on revenue we help generate and, importantly, pay that same % of the big ticket expenses we recommend. Together, these are the “joint venture” aspects of JointSourcing.

Importantly, for clients who may face regulatory restrictions on paying commissions, JointSourcing Pro can also operate under a traditional, fee-for-service model.

Find Out if JointSourcing is Right for Your Business

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