Sales Renewal: the World’s First Marketing General Contractor

Marketing today is so multi-disciplinary, multi-channel and complex that most small businesses cannot afford to supplement their existing staff by hiring and managing all the missing marketing, technology and analytic talent they need.

And since marketing challenges are so multi-dimensional, it’s not surprising that single dimension vendors with, narrow silos of expertise (advertising, website development, direct mail, etc.) too often become expensive disappointments.

Sales Renewal is different. We’re a Marketing General Contractor that can assemble and manage the strategic, sales, marketing and technology people, expertise and tools your specific business needs to grow. Each client is assigned an Account Executive and a team of experts, both subcontracted and in-house, that provide both broad and deep skills.

Best of Breed Subcontractors

Sales Renewal has successfully worked with a large cadre of best-of-breed subcontractors drawn from across the sales & marketing spectrum (see the list of services they can provide). Because we’re a Marketing General Contractor, however, we are not limited to these proven experts when assembling your team.

In fact, because we’re able precisely match the requirements of your team with subcontractor expertise, and because we offer very attractive, 1 year contracts to our partners, Sales Renewal can be very picky when selecting subcontractors. For example, for a medical client who wanted a marcomm writer with a scientific background we were able to hire one who with a Ph.D. in neuroscience.

Big Company Technology & Tools For Small BusinessBig Company Technology & Tools For Small Business

Sales Renewal is dedicated to bringing big company technology to smaller business by making it affordable and easier to use.  That is why all our Growth Solutions include:

  • a Marketing Dashboard
  • Analytics that can track web, email, phone and in-person leads
  • State-of-the-art email, marketing automation, local marketing
  • and many other sales-enabling technologies.
Sales Renewal