JointSourcing Results: Revenue Up, Costs Down

The JointSourcing Solution’s business model relies on simple, yet very powerful financial motivators:

Shared Reward = Pay for Performance. When a client shares a percentage of its revenue with Sales Renewal (i.e., a commission), we are motivated to grow sales.

Shared Risk = Skin in the Game. When Sales Renewal discounts its monthly fixed fees, we are even more motivated to grow revenue and earn commissions. Learn more.

JointSourcing aligns Sales Renewal’s economic interests with those of its clients as we, like you, are motivated to cost-effectively grow revenue. JointSourcing increases leads and revenue (bar graphs, left axis) while decreasing the cost per lead or sale (line graphs, right axis).

JointSourcing Results for a Manufacturer

Our strong, long-term relationship with Sales Renewal has been critical to Metro Sign & Awning’s accelerating growth.

Because I wasn’t familiar with it when we first began almost 4 years ago, I was a little unsure of the JointSourcing “partnership,” but I’m a big believer now.

Sales Renewal really treats the marketing of my business as if it were theirs – whether it’s going to bat for us with a vendor on their own or how proactive they are in analyzing and continuously optimizing our marketing.

This saves me time and allows me and my team to focus on sales. In fact, we have been getting so many leads that we are hiring more sales people to close all the new business.”

Tom Dunn, Owner and VP of Sales & Marketing Metro Sign & Awning

During the 2.5 years from 1Q13 through 2Q15, JointSourcing increased qualified leads by 380%, a compound annual growth rate of 87% per year.

Because of JointSourcing’s increased productivity, while the client’s marketing budget did grow somewhat, it grew far, far slower than their leads did. As a result, JointSourcing decreased the cost-per-lead by 74% (-42% compound annual growth rate).

Note: To ensure client confidentiality, all chart data on this page is expressed as relative to their initial period.

JointSourcing Results for a Retailer

Working with Sales Renewal is a real partnership, I know the floral business and Sales Renewal knows technology, marketing and sales.

I’ve been a small business owner for 26 years and I appreciate having someone who, thanks to its financial interest in my success, is almost as motivated as I am to grow my business.

Helen Halloran, Owner, Concord Flower Shop

Different Levels of Marketing Investment Lead to Different Levels of Revenue Growth & Cost Savings

While from the accounting perspective marketing costs are expenses, an equally important way to view them is as investments. And from that perspective, if you want your business, to grow you have to invest in growing it (a.k.a. marketing it).  This chart makes this plain:

Comparison of B2B & B2C Clients’ Marketing BudgetsWhile the B2C business has grown its web sales 28% per year while lowering its cost per sale 7% per year, the B2B business has blown past even those impressive numbers, increasing its leads 87% per year while decreasing its cost per lead 42% per year.

These differences arose from the growth and investment goals each business had when they began their respective JointSourcing Blueprints (the first step in JointSourcing’s 3-Step process): not too surprisingly, the larger or faster you want to grow, the larger the marketing investment that will be required.

During their respective Blueprints, their growth and cost goals determined both how broad (how many different marketing tactics they were to employ from JointSourcing’s universe of strategies & services) and deep (how much they did within each tactic) their JointSourcing Solutions would be.

  • The B2B business’ is more comprehensive and includes all of the important digital and real-world strategies for their business, with each strategy nicely elaborated.
  • The B2C’s JointSourcing Solution is focused solely on online marketing, and, as you can see from the figure, invests about ¼ of what the B2B business in marketing.

It is this difference in budget, scope, resources and strategies that leads to their different growth, savings and return-on-investment.

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