Create Great Content with SR EasyAuthoring

SR EasyAuthoring™ is an innovative, integrated blog authoring tool designed for small businesses to help them easily offer original and “curated” content in the single blog platform they already have on their websites.


Original + Curated Content

Fresh web content in the form of a business blog can be critical for both search engine optimization and for staying engaged with prospects and clients. But creating original content that resonates with its intended audience on a regular basis can be a full time job, and one that not every business can afford.

With EasyAuthoring™ installed on its website, a business can easily supplement its blog’s original content with much less expensive curated content, which still supports its SEO efforts.

Why SR EasyAuthoring

SR EasyAuthoring is easy. Supplement original content posts with much less expensive, less time-consuming curated content.

SR EasyAuthoring looks great. A visually appealing blog draws readers to your site and keeps them there longer.

SR EasyAuthoring is affordable. Unlike comparable solutions that can cost anywhere from $1,000-$6,000 per month, the SR EasyAuthoring tool is available from Sales Renewal for only $99 per month.

What Is Content Curation

Content curation is the process of finding existing, interesting content online and putting your own spin on it. The world is overflowing with information, so sorting through this content and finding the best bits to enhance with your own take or perspective can be as useful & attractive to visitors as writing original content. Content curation has many of the same benefits as original content blogging:

  • informing your audience;
  • showcasing your expertise;
  • keeping your website content fresh
  • contributing to your SEO efforts (when it’s done right)

And the single biggest advantage to content curation: It is a lot easier to comment on other people’s ideas than it is to come up with your own, and then craft those ideas into well-written blog posts.

Yes! I want to Learn How to Get SR EasyAuthoring for My Website

SR EasyAuthoring is provided free for all Sales Renewal JointSourcing clients, but is available as a stand-alone service for any business. Contact us to see how to set up SR EasyAuthoring on your website today.

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3 Types of EasyAuthoring Posts

There are three different kinds of posts in SR EasyAuthoring, which are distinguished by the post’s border color and the text within its action button:

Read Original Article: The basic “News” post allows authors to share their insights and commentary on content first published elsewhere. When the reader clicks the button, they are taken to the original article on its publisher’s website, and because the article is not on the business’ site, there is no possible “duplicate content” penalty from search engines.

Read Our Insights: The Insights post allows the business to share deeper, longer insights on content first published elsewhere. When the reader clicks the button, they are taken to a blog post on this website that has an excerpt from the original article, the author’s insight and a link to the original article on its publisher’s website. This type of post has enough original commentary to be considered original content by search engines, and since the page is on the business’ site, it will be indexed by search engines like all the other pages on the site.

Read Blog Post: The Blog post acts like a normal blog: when you click the button you’re taken to a blog post on this site. Again, this original content will be indexed by search engines like all the other pages on your site.

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