Marketing Essentials Solution™

A Guided Marketing and Technology Solution that Grows Small Businesses

Marketing Essentials™ is for businesses that want to improve their sales & marketing scope and effectiveness and want to learn and become proficient—through hands on experience and weekly guidance from experts—in the marketing tactics that work best for their business.

It is a comprehensive, easy-to-adopt solution that first develops a marketing plan, then improves your marketing and technology “assets” and finally provides the ongoing, active assistance your business needs to cost effectively grow its leads, sales and brand.

Marketing Designed for Small Business

Sales Renewal’s Marketing Essentials Solution is designed exclusively for small businesses that want to:

  • Grow leads through cost effective marketing and technology strategies, programs and tactics
  • Be trained on, and gain hands-on experience with, those programs and tactics that can be successfully done in-house
  • Accelerate through learning curves and have a willing partner sharing their expertise through weekly Coaching sessions
  • Enjoy the benefits of
    • Online Advertising and Off-Page SEO—tactics that are too difficult or time consuming to master—without having to manage them
    • In-Person Networking Coaching
    • Our assistance with benchmarking and program management.
  • Control their expenses through all-inclusive, fixed fees. Marketing Essentials’ fixed monthly fee includes: fees for Sales Renewal, its subcontractors and included tech tools. The only costs not included are the monthly ad spend and email provider & hosting vendor fees.

Initial Six Month Trial

The Marketing Essentials Solution begins with a 6-month trial program, although there is no obligation to continue past Month 1.

Month 1: We collaboratively create your Marketing Essentials Blueprint: a strategic marketing plan that tailors the essential mix of marketing programs for your specific business. At the end of this month you will have a solid sense of the Marketing Essentials Solution and can choose to continue the trial or not (the vast majority of clients do). If you do discontinue, you will be able to take the good ideas in the Marketing Essentials Blueprint with you.

Months 2-3: Sales Renewal makes the changes, improvements and additions to your marketing and technology called for in your Blueprint.

Months 4, 5 & 6: In weekly Coaching sessions Sales Renewal will guide you as you implement the Marketing Essentials by sharing our experience and expertise with you, teaching you best practices, accelerating you through learning curves, and being a knowledgeable sounding board for the unanticipated issues that always arise.

Sales Renewal will also provide SEO and online advertising services through subcontracted experts that we manage on your behalf. We also coordinate your Networking Coaching and assist you with benchmarking and program management.

Marketing Essentials Options After Six Months

The hands-on training, real-world feedback and weekly coaching from Sales Renewal you receive during the 6-month Marketing Essentials trial puts you in an excellent position to make an informed decision about what marketing strategies and tactics work best for your business. After six months, you have four options:

1. Self-Service: You take your newfound expertise and marketing in-house and we part friends.

2. Flex Marketing: You continue working with Sales Renewal through Flex Marketing, our coaching/doing program.

3. Marketing Essentials: You continue with the Marketing Essentials Solution™ as it continues to grow your leads and sales.

4. JointSourcing: You upgrade to the custom, powerful JointSourcing Solution™ that shares risks and rewards as it accelerates your growth.

How Much Does Marketing Essentials Cost?

Marketing Essentials is a traditional fee-for-service program, where you pay a set fee each month during its six-month term. Many companies like this approach because, on day one, they know what their total cost will be. Visit our Marketing Essentials – What’s Included page for pricing information.

Marketing Essentials Includes:

Paid Marketing

  • Search Advertising
    • Provided by 3rd party expert managed by Sales Renewal
    • No separate setup or monthly fee to the Ad Agency
    • Monthly budget: Minimum: $200. Recommended: $500+
    • Google, Microsoft, and/or Yahoo

Web Marketing & SEO

  • Website Design & Content
    • Improved content and calls-to-action on key pages
  • Search engine optimization:
    • On-Page
      • Enhanced keywords & technical factors
    • Off-page
      • Provided by 3rd party expert managed by Sales Renewal
  • National & Local Listings
    • Your business listed on 50+ major, local sites

Content Marketing

  • Monthly editorial calendar
  • Weekly Blogging
  • Whitepapers, eBooks, Infographics (as needed)

Social Media & PR

  • Distribution of blog posts & creation of SM updates
  • Growing your network

Email Marketing

  • Newsletters & Digests
  • Promotional mailings
  • Lead Nurturing
    • Lists built automatically from Contact & Subscription submits
    • Auto-responders

In-Person Marketing

  • Networking – Better elevator pitches and networking groups

Strategy, Management & Benchmarking

  • Strategy
    • Initial Blueprint & monthly plan updates
  • Weekly, one-hour training and coaching sessions
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Technical Support:
    • Automatic backup
    • Website monitoring
    • Weekly link checking

Sales-Enabling Technology

  • SR Marketing Dashboard™ – Keep track of your marketing activity, leads and sales
  • Analytics
    • Google Analytics
    • SR Analytics™ – Sales Renewal platform for web submit/call/email lead capture & ROI-focused analytics
  • SR EasyAuthoring™ – Sales Renewal enhancements to WordPress and other blog platforms that makes blogging of original and curated content easy
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