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After selling their fourth startup, serial entrepreneurs Keith Loris and William Oncay created Sales Renewal in February 2009. From the beginning, Sales Renewal’s goal was to offer to the small- to medium-sized business market the same kind of all-inclusive, effective sales and marketing big companies enjoy.

Making Marketing and Sales-Enabling Technology Affordable

The challenge was clear—no small business could afford all of the specialists, techniques and technology platforms that modern sales and marketing requires: advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), content management and marketing, analytics and ROI analysis, direct mail, social media, call tracking, review management, and so many more. And even if a small or medium-sized business could somehow could pay for it all, how would they devote the time—or develop the expertise—necessary to manage all the people and technologies required to drive sales in today’s marketplace?

Can a Business Insource Something as Important as Marketing?

Insourcing to a team of experts seemed like a great solution. But how could a business owner trust insourcing something as crucial as marketing and sale-enabling technology to someone else? This is where the JointSourcing Solution (a contraction of “Joint Venture” and “Insourcing”) shines as it uniquely aligns Sales Renewal’s economic interests with its clients. Because we share reward and risk (we earn sales commissions and pay our fair share of marketing expenses), we are as motivated as our clients to cost-effectively grow their sales making us more like “partners” than a vendor & a client. And for businesses who prefer to keep involved in the day-to-day marketing but need guidance and direction, Sales Renewal’s Marketing Essentials Solution is an affordable answer.

Since our beginnings in 2009, Sales Renewal has grown by steadily adding new clients, from retailers, professional service providers, non-profits and government organizations to medium to large B2B and B2C businesses – and we can do the same for your business, too.

Sales Renewal Management Team


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