Small Business Growth with Marketing Essentials™

Marketing Essentials™ is an easy-to-adopt marketing and technology solution that delivers a tailored-to-your-business mix of the traditional and inbound marketing tactics and programs and sales-related technology that all businesses need to increase their leads and sales.

You Are in Control

Many small business executives don’t have the time, interest or skills required to successfully implement all the things needed do to grow leads and sales, yet they are leery of giving up control to third-party firms offering piecemeal solutions.

Marketing Essentials offers the best of both worlds. From the initial Blueprint and Build Services through the ongoing, final Sell Services, Sales Renewal acts as your Coach and Advisor, helping you plan, navigate and become better at Website Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing, and In-person Marketing (networking) and more, while you are actively involved every step of the way.

Not every program should be kept in house, though. Experience has taught us that off-page SEO (inbound link building) and online advertising are two highly technical programs that are best handled by experts. Marketing Essentials therefore, provides SEO and online advertising services through subcontracted experts that we manage on your behalf. We also coordinate your Networking Coaching and assist you with benchmarking and program management

Marketing Essentials – A 3-Step, 6-Month Program

Month 1: Marketing Essentials Blueprint

Together we create your Marketing Essentials Blueprint – a strategic plan that tailors our essential mix of marketing programs for your specific business. The process kicks off with a Marketing Essentials Questionnaire, which we complete over the phone in one or two sessions. The Questionnaire helps us define your goals and strategies, customer and prospect profiles and industry and sustainable competitive advantage. It also inventories your existing technology, sales and marketing assets.

Months 2-3: Marketing Essentials Build

Together,  we create your tailored Marketing Action Plan, and Sales Renewal makes the changes, improvements and additions to your marketing and technology called for in your Blueprint, including:

  • Optimize the 6 agreed-upon pages for on-page SEO;
  • Set up your business with our off-page SEO experts;
  • Set up your ad campaign with our online advertising experts;
  • Implement the website fixes unearthed during our technical review;
  • Set up your third-party technology accounts that we include in Marketing Essentials:; MailChimp; Yext;
  • Update up to 3 social media sites.

Months 4, 5 and 6: Marketing Essentials Sell

During the Marketing Essentials Sell step, we work together to run the essential programs outlined in your Blueprint.

Work with a dedicated Marketing Advisor on inbound and traditional marketing services:

  • Website Updating*
  • Search Engine Optimization*
  • Blogging*
  • Social Media*
  • Newsletters & Email Blasts*
  • Lead Capture
  • Personal Networking
  • Third Party Services
  • Online Advertising
  • Off-page SEO
    Inbound Marketing specific programs

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