The JointSourcing Solution for Professional Services™

A One-Stop Marketing Program for Professional Services Firms

Sales Renewal is an outsourced marketing agency offering JointSourcing Pro (“joint venture” + “outsourcing” + “professional services”), a comprehensive marketing program that delivers everything professional services firms need to grow revenue and brand: an outsourced CMO for marketing strategy, a VP of Marketing for day-to-day management, and all the people and technology required to develop, implement and manage the custom marketing plan we devise together.

JointSourcing does it all and takes the burden of hiring and managing a marketing team of employees or outside vendors off your shoulders.

With an emphasis on marketing strategies that build and strengthen personal relationships (including thought leadership, expertise marketing, networking, social media, brand building, video, and more), JointSourcing Pro is the marketing solution professional services firms have been looking for.

Sales Renewal Understands Professional Services

Marketing professional services is challenging. Establishing and cementing the relationship between the prospective client and the advisor—based on credibility and trust—is far more important to new business development here than it is in other industries. Therefore, building a compelling, recognizable position within your market using marketing strategies that showcase the individual, such as expertise marketing, thought leadership, and content/video marketing, becomes more important.

Many professionals find it difficult to achieve the right balance between developing new business and servicing existing clients. Moreover, many are uncomfortable promoting themselves and when they do, often rely too heavily on their title or job description to try to convey what they do: this is neither memorable nor does it differentiate from everyone else with that title or description. The key to successful professional services marketing is to:

  • define and promote your expertise 
  • effectively differentiate yourself from your competition
  • focus on the benefits you deliver
  • build a strong personal and firm brand, and
  • commit to a consistent, well-balanced marketing program.

In JointSourcing Pro, Sales Renewal will work closely with you to create and implement the optimum mix of marketing strategies and tactics for your industry and firm culture. It is a good fit for any firm that wants to grow its brand and practice without the cost in time or dollars of hiring, managing and paying for a team of in-house or third party marketing experts.

The JointSourcing Solution Is Truly Unique

For many small to midsize professional services firms, the cost of marketingin both time and dollarsis a particularly daunting challenge. Many have little or no in-house marketing capabilities, and the breadth and depth of expertise needed to create an effective in-house team can be cost-prohibitive for all but the largest firms: consider salaries, benefits, and training costs in a constantly changing field.

Alternatively, firms can hire a stable of outside, fee-for-service firms each delivering a single marketing tactic (e.g., PR firms, ad agencies, SEO consultants, etc.) but that is even more expensive, plus, it is challenging and time-consuming to manage multiple third-parties at once. Add in the opportunity cost of time spent on marketing by the professionals themselves, and the costs can seem overwhelming.

That’s why in JointSourcing Pro, Sales Renewal acts as a Marketing General Contractor bringing together a custom, self-managing marketing department for your firm: a complete marketing team and all the needed technology, plus a CMO for strategy and a Director of Marketing for management. This allows Sales Renewal to manage the day-to-day marketing (freeing up your time) while you are still in control and make all the key decisions.

JointSourcing Pro pairs this outsourced team with two possible compensation models. The first is a shared risk and reward model: Sales Renewal offers to subsidize your monthly fee in exchange for a percentage commission on the revenue we help generate. This win-win alignment of our economic interests with yours is why clients trust us to manage their marketing programs and is the “secret sauce” that makes the JointSourcing Solution so unique and powerful. Alternatively, for clients who may face regulatory restrictions on paying commissions, JointSourcing Pro can also operate under a traditional, fee-for-service model.

Find Out if JointSourcing is Right for Your Business

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