Sales Renewal’s SEO and Search Marketing Services

As it does for JointSourcing, Sales Renewal’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service follows a 3-step process:

  1. Blueprint (design and planning)
  2. Build (setup and configure)
  3. Sell (ongoing, monthly SEO)

A typical time frame and description of each phase follows. Because your SEO program will be completely customized to your business needs and existing situation, your schedule may vary.

Design (Blueprint) Phase

SEO Blueprint: 1-hour meeting to answer: “What should we focus on?”

  • Key Concepts, NAP, competition and overall strategic positioning

Key Concept Research and Content Mapping

  • Research Key Concepts (search volume, competitiveness, 5-8 associated keywords)
  • Create Sales Renewal Site Plan doc for existing site
  • Map Key Concepts to existing site pages
  • Internal Link Development: Review site content for opportunities to link to pages and blog posts within your website

Technical Review of Existing Site: Identify technical and structural issues, duplicate content, 404s, broken links

  • Review site to understand structure and keywords, identify any issues that need to be addressed

Competitive Analysis: Research competitors identified in Blueprint looking at how they are positioned in terms of Key Concepts

Build Phase

Fix Identified Site Issues

  • Use information from Technical Review to fix basic technical and structural issues.
  • Add Semantic Markup.

On-Page SEO for Key Concepts: Using Site Plan as a guide, update identified pages with following components:

  • title tags
  • meta descriptions
  • headers (H1/H2)
  • text (2 insertions)

Off-page SEO/Local Business Listing

  • Yext listing
  • Google+ Page Set up MOZ w/keywords and competitors
  • Text site map on site
  • Search engine sitemap submission (2 different site maps)
  • Install Google Analytics Tracking code on website
  • Set up Analytics (SRA + Google Analytics + Webmaster Tools)

Set up Blog for SEO & Google Authorship (OPTIONAL)

  • Set up or update Google Authorship for company spokesperson/blog author
  • Set up Blog Post Sharing Capability and Blog Subscriptions capability
  • Set up Feedblitz or Mailchimp for blog subscriptions

Run (Sell) Phase

Rotating Key Concept Review

  • Each Key Concept is reviewed 2x a year on a rotating basis.
  • Using Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Sales Renewal Analytics and Moz, we will review keyword performance, do a competitive review, and make minor site page adjustments as needed.

Local Message Updates

  • Every month, update local listings with rotating Key Concept messages

Monthly Status Report

  • Monthly report indicating work done and SEO status by 15th of following month.


  • Sales Renewal will give each blog post an SEO review (Key concepts used in correct places, titles, content, etc.)

Natural Search Landing Pages (OPTIONAL)

  • If our Key Concept review indicates new or increasingly important Key Concepts, we may recommend the creation of a Natural Search Landing Page for that term. Sales Renewal can write the page for you on T&M basis

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