JointSourcing Uniquely Shares the Risk and Reward

A discounted fee, combined with a performance-based commission, motivates revenue growth

The JointSourcing (“joint venture” + “outsourcing”) Solution’s unique business model goes beyond pay-for-performance as it shares both reward and risk and literally invests Sales Renewal in your success.

Shared Reward = Pay for Performance. Sales Renewal earns a small percentage of the revenue we help you generate each month. This commission highly motivates us to grow your revenue.

Shared Risk = Skin in the Game. Sales Renewal discounts JointSourcing’s monthly fees by a little to a lot, depending on the commissions we earn. This forgone revenue is a subsidy and investment Sales Renewal makes in your marketing program every month. Besides “putting our money where our mouth is” this motivates us even more to grow your revenue (to earn the commissions that will offset/exceed our forgone revenue).

When sales performance is high, we will earn more but when revenue lags, we will earn less. Automatically.

This win-win alignment of your economic interests with Sales Renewal’s is why clients trust us to manage their marketing programs and is the “secret sauce” that makes the JointSourcing Solution so unique, powerful and successful.

With JointSourcing, the best way for Sales Renewal to grow our revenue is to grow yours.

Marketing that Shares the Reward and Risk is Better than Pay-for-Performance Marketing

Most marketing agencies charge for their time, not for how successful they are. In response, a few have adopted pay-for-performance marketing where clients share some revenue as a performance motivator and reward. While Sales Renewal does this too, we go one critical step further: we not only share reward, we also share risk. Sharing risk and reward is the “joint venture” aspect of JointSourcing, and it is transformative.

JointSourcing’s “win-win” approach accommodates all possibilities, including no commissions.

JointSourcing fees have two components—a fixed monthly fee and a commission based on performance—and the ratio between them can vary.

For instance, we can offer clients who prefer we take on more risk, a lower monthly fee and higher commission rate. Alternatively, for clients who want to protect their margins, we can offer lower commissions and a higher monthly fee.

And for clients who are prohibited from paying commissions, or who do not want their marketing costs to vary every month, we can act like a traditional fee-for-service agency, and charge for services without any commission.

Mutual Responsibilities

To be honest, working with Sales Renewal will not be like working with any other marketing agency. With JointSourcing, Sales Renewal becomes your marketing department working as closely with you as if we were in-house.

For JointSourcing to be successful therefore, each party will be responsible for bringing important capabilities to the JointSourcing partnership:

You will bring your:

  • Industry, customer & competitive advantage knowledge
  • Expertise in your product or service and how it is best merchandised
  • Willingness and ability to oversee our activities and provide timely feedback

While Sales Renewal will bring our:

  • Strategy, sales, marketing and technology expertise
  • Sales, marketing, technology and analytic platforms and tools
  • Ability to focus our expertise and tools on cost-effectively growing your revenue

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