Marketing that Grows Revenue & Brand

In today’s complicated marketing environment, businesses need to draw on many different marketing strategies, services and tactics, as well as sales-enabling technologies, to generate sales and qualified leads.

The key is finding the best mix for your business from the large universe of possibilities, which is what Sales Renewal’s two Growth Solutions provide:

  • The JointSourcing Solution™ – a custom mix of the services that will most powerfully & cost effectively grow your business.
  • The Marketing Essentials Solution™ – a tailored mix of the essential services all businesses need to grow.

Sales Renewal also offers:

  • FlexMarketing™ – Monthly subscriptions start at $400/month, are very flexible, and give you total control of each month’s marketing activities and budget without a long-term commitment
  • Marketing Investment Analysis – to help answer the question, “how much should I invest in marketing?”

Find out more about each of these programs below.

JointSourcing Solution™

A Custom Solution for Breakthrough Growth that Shares Risk & Reward

JointSourcing™ (“joint venture” + “outsourcing”) is a comprehensive strategy, marketing and technology solution that provides all the expertise (drawn from across the entire marketing spectrum) in just the right proportions your business needs.

This team handles all the day-to-day marketing and technology work that grow leads and sales (and demands so much of your time now), while Sales Renewal shares with you its management, and a portion of the rewards and risks (similar to a joint venture).

JointSourcing™ is for businesses that want breakthrough growth by taking a fresh, comprehensive look at their strategies, marketing tactics & programs, sales-enabling technology and (optionally) product/service portfolio, but do not want to be burdened with managing a team or their full time salaries and benefits.

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Marketing Solutions That Grow Revenue and Brand

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Marketing Essentials Solution™

A Universal Solution to Jump Start Business Growth

Marketing Essentials™ is a easy-to-adopt, guided marketing and technology solution that is tailored to your specific business to deliver the essential mix of the marketing tactics & programs and sales-enabling technology that all businesses need to increase leads and sales (and includes online advertising and search engine optimization).

Unlike the JointSourcing Solutions™ shared risk-reward business model, Marketing Essentials™ is a traditional, fee-for-service model.

Marketing Essentials is ideal for businesses that want to grow by improving their sales and marketing scope and effectiveness but aren’t sure what they ultimately need or how to do it. Smaller firms might find it sufficient, while larger firms can use it as a solid foundation to build upon.

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Marketing Investment Analysis

Not sure where to start? To help you think about your business and its marketing from an easy-to-understand, top down perspective we are pleased to offer the Marketing Investment Analysis.  It begins with an easy-to-complete, online questionnaire whose subsequent analysis by, and report from, Sales Renewal answers the 3 questions we are most often asked:

  1. Am I investing the right overall amount in sales & marketing?
  2. Which specific marketing programs will be the most effective?
  3. What should my investment in each be?
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Flexible Marketing That Adjusts as Needs and Budgets Change

FlexMarketing™ is an on-demand, guided marketing subscription, starting at $400 per month, in which you decide how much marketing assistance you need each month and what you’d like us to actively help with. We offer experience, guidance and motivation, as well as boots-on-the-ground help in getting things done.

Flex Marketing is for small businesses who want to grow their leads and sales with the help of a dedicated Marketing Advisor who can share their expertise, teach best practices, accelerate you through learning curves, and be an experienced sounding board for the unanticipated issues that always arise. It is priced to fit your budget –you choose how much you’d like to invest. The plan includes regularly scheduled meetings (phone or Zoom), during which we’ll discuss any questions or issues you may have, set goals, create an action plan, and divvy up responsibilities.

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