Marketing Investment Analysis: Exit Planning Edition

Most business owners have a sales price in mind when they contemplate selling their business and because businesses are valued at a multiple of revenue or EBITDA, this sales price is directly dependent on the company’s annual revenue at the time of exit.

Surprisingly, while there often is a big focus on sales price in Exit Planning (e.g., will this price support my family in retirement, how can we structure the deal to lessen the tax impact, etc.) very little attention has generally been paid to the exit revenue number needed to support that sales price.

Sales Renewal, a unique marketing agency that offers a complete, one-stop marketing solution that grows revenue while sharing the risk & reward, is changing this with online assessment tools such as the Marketing Investment Analysis: Exit Planning edition.

How confident should you be that you will hit your Exit Revenue Goal?

The Sales Renewal Marketing Investment Analysis: Exit Planning Edition will help you determine if your current marketing efforts are likely to  meet your Exit Revenue Goal (i.e., the revenue you want to have when you begin marketing your firm for sale or exit).

It only takes 10-20 minutes to complete online and within three days, you will have a hand crafted report that will let you know how confident you should be that you’ll hit your Exit Revenue Goal.

Sales Renewal has a developed a proprietary analysis that incorporates 5 factors:

  1. Who you market to: businesses or consumers
  2. What you sell: services, products or both
  3. Industry Competitiveness: On a range from Not Competitive to Super Competitive
  4. Firm Competitiveness: On a range from Weak to Strong Competitive Advantage
  5. Top Competitor:  On a range from Much Stronger to Much Weaker

The analysis determines a level of marketing investment that, based on our experience, we believe is needed to meet your revenue goals and then compares that to what you plan to do between now and the exit.

The end result is a confidence level that you will hit your Exit Revenue Goal:

       Confidence of Meeting Exit Revenue Goal: 90th Percentile

and a series of graphs that describe the details:

Purchase the Marketing Investment Analysis: Exit Planning Edition

The Sales Renewal Marketing Investment Analysis: Exit Planning Edition is only $250

Make a minimal investment and be confident that you’re on track to meet your Exit Revenue Goal.

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How the Marketing Investment Analysis: Exit Planning Edition Works

You take our Online Questionnaire

  • Takes 10-20 minutes to complete

We send you a hand-crafted report

  • The percent of revenue you should be investing in marketing, given your competitive position
  • How likely we believe you will be at hitting your Exit Revenue Goal

Timing & Cost

  • 3-business-day response
  • $250 (Can be credited towards future Sales Renewal projects)
  • No obligation to continue
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