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Our clients know that thanks to our continous improvement mantra, Sales Renewal constantly researchs, tests and develops marketing resources, tools, tips and best practices.

Our clients also know that we love to educate and share our expertise and we’re happy to share selected resources with those who want to learn and perhaps do it themselves.

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Small Business Advice, Tip Sheets and Downloads

Why Small Business Marketing Fails So Often … and How to Prevent it

4 Basic Steps of Content Marketing – A Real Life Example [Infographic]

6 Things to Know about Using Reddit for Your Business

7 Ways to Maximize Facebook, Mostly Free

LinkedIn Tip: Company Page Audience Targeting

Tips for Getting Better Images of Your Business, Your Products, and Your Employees

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Sales Renewal Case Studies

JointSourcing Pro
From Obscurity to Awards in 18 Months: Marketing a New Professional Services Firm

Download The Case Study
To explore JointSourcing Pro’s results

JointSourcing: a Breakthrough Solution with Stellar Client Results

Download The Case Study
To explore JointSourcing’s results

Collaboration Leads to New Strategies, Brand, Site, Marketing Programs and … a Blue Ribbon

Download The Case Study
To learn how Sales Renewal’s collaboration with MATsolutions lead to a Blue Ribbon

Sales Renewal Corp. Wins Battle Against Google Adwords on Behalf of Its Client: Metro Sign and Awning

Download The Case Study
To learn how Sales Renewal wouldn’t take no for an answer resulting in a refund large enough to fund our client’s ad campaign for 6 months (for free)

How the Concord Flower Shop More Than Doubled Its Online Sales and was Ranked in the Top 1% of Local Businesses by Google

Download the Case Study:
To understand how the Concord Flower Shop More Than Doubled Sales and Was Ranked in the Top 1% of Online Businesses by Google

Growth Spurts Blog
An innovative mix of original and curated content that helps grow sales

Webinars & Practicums

Practicum: Crafting Your Offering to Reduce Time to First Dollar

Watch Keith’s USA 500 webinar where he explores discusses small business marketing strategies, such as targeting prospects when they most need you, product marketing, and unbundling of services to create tiered offerings, as potential strategies to reduce your time to first dollar:

0:00:10 : Introduction
0:00:42 : The problem: prospects sit in your pipeline too long
0:01:42 : Targeting & reaching prospects when they most need you
0:03:28 : Reevaluate your services (Product Marketing)
0:04:39 : “Unbundle” your services to create tiered offerings
0:06:48 : Takeaways

Practicum: Adapting Business and Marketing Strategies to the New Normal

Watch Keith’s USA 500 webinar where he explores the key factors to consider to successfully adapt your business and marketing strategies to our new reality, along with the key changes he thinks are coming for most businesses and industries:

0:00:00 : Introduction
0:00:20 : A global seller’s message about contactless selling & safety
0:01:05 : A national restaurant chain’s message about food safety
0:01:39 : A local Real Estate Broker’s message about virtualizing a key sales step
0:02:34 : COVID-19’s disruption of of business strategies
0:03:29 : Considerations for Adapting Your Business and Marketing Strategies
0:03:46 : Firms that take advantage will be punished later
0:04:20 : Rigorous enforcement of scientific/medical recommendations is a foundational strategy
0:05:36 : Trust will be critical for all businesses
0:07:10 : Business need to quickly consider contactless/minimal-contact options
0:08:50 : The physical boundaries of a business are changing
0:09:16 : Marketing strategies & tactics
0:09:48 : Marketing in the New Normal
0:11:27 : Shortening time to first dollar for Professional Service Firms
0:14:18 : Executive Summary & Contact Information

Video and Audio Interviews

Listen as Keith Loris, Sales Renewal’s president and C.E.O., is interviewed by Marita MacKinnon of Salem Radio Boston during her Around Town business show: Listen to it.


Watch as Keith explains how JointSourcing grows sales while sharing risk and reward during his interview by Radio Entrepreneurs:

0:00 – 0:14 Introduction

0:15 – 3:45 Overview of JointSourcing’s general contractor and shared risk/reward model

3:46 – 4:54 Sales Renewal’s genesis

4:55 – 6:37 Further explanation of JointSourcing

6:38 – 8:00 All JointSourcing deals are exclusive

8:00 – 9:08 What each party brings to the “joint venture table”

9:09 – 9:37 What’s unique about JointSourcing?

9:38 – 12:05 Explanation of 3-Step Blueprint/Build/Sell process

12:06 – 13:00 The importance of ROI and Analytics

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