Figmints Digital Creative Marketing Announces Acquisition of Sales Renewal Corporation

Two leading marketing agencies join together to bring positive progress for companies across the country.

Providence, RI, April 1, 2022 – Providence-based, full-service marketing firm, Figmints, announced today that it has acquired Boston-based outsourced marketing firm, Sales Renewal, which has been servicing clients since 2009. Figmints will be integrating Sales Renewal’s Implementation Business clients and staff into existing business units, and will continue to offer a full range of high-quality marketing services.

“There’s a strong fit here with Figmints,” says Sales Renewal CEO Keith Loris. “They have the structure in place to work with clients of all sizes. Both teams are excited by the connection between our services, teams, and values.”

Sales Renewal clients will still receive the same level of service, but will also be able to take advantage of an expanded range of products and services available through Figmints, which operates a series of business units that provide best-fit options for clients of any size, goal set, and budget.

“We’re very excited to welcome the Sales Renewal team and clients under the Figmints umbrella. This is an opportunity for us not only to grow, but also to live our mission – helping people thrive – to a new brand audience,” says Figmints CEO, James Kwon.

Figmints, a Hubspot ambassador partner, recently celebrated their tenth year of helping people thrive through their intentional storytelling strategies that include innovative web design, branding, and video. Their mission and faith-based core values reach beyond helping companies thrive by including the clients they serve and the community they’re in. Figmints serves clients in Rhode Island, the Boston metropolitan area, and all over the country.

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