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3-Hour Marketing Consultation for 2022 Planning

Has your business ever faced as many challenges as it has the last two years? The pandemic, the supply chain, a growing, inflating economy, and the Great Resignation are some of the paradigm changers we’ve experienced. Have your business strategies and marketing plans kept up with the changes? Or are you hoping your market, buyers, […]

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Don’t Just Hire Freelancers – Outsource Your Management

Navigating the gig economy as a small business owner can feel overwhelming. Freelance and contract workers are more available than ever before, and can prove highly effective in maximizing both your budget and your company’s output – but hiring contracted help introduces a difficult maze of understanding, communication, and management that may be more draining […]

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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hire Non-Vetted Freelancers

Recruiting freelancers for your business can be a headache, especially when you’re trying to fill and manage positions you’re not always familiar with yourself. For Sales Renewal’s JointSourcing Solution, we routinely need to find and manage subcontractors (freelancers and other marketing agencies) as we assemble our client’s virtual marketing departments staff, and over the years we’ve gotten pretty good at vetting, verifying, and managing them. Here are some tips on how to carefully vet freelancers to prevent missed deadlines, communication issues, security breaches, and more.

Of course, we’d still be happy to help you not only build, but also manage, an outsourced marketing department that’s perfect for your business!

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Webinar: Crafting Products and Services to Reduce Time-to-First-Dollar

Marketing Strategy: focus on your fastest prospects

The Problem: Prospects Sit In Your Pipeline Too Long Many service providers often have a single, all-inclusive service that’s presented as a binary choice: hire us for the whole service or don’t hire us. Because these services are typically important and consequential (e.g., wealth managers help save for retirement, lawyers defend against lawsuits, architects design […]

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Webinar: Considerations for Adapting Your Business and Marketing Strategies for the New Normal

Covid requires marketing to adapt

The New Normal for Business and Marketing Strategies As businesses around the country try to assess what’s next after the big Shut Down, many are realizing that it won’t be “business as usual”, not just because of the reopening guidelines imposed by the government, but because customers and clients may not feel comfortable reentering the […]

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6 Insanely Effective Tactics to Engage Email Subscribers

Marketing Automation is noted as a top marketing trend for 2019. But how to do it well? There are a few proven tips and tricks to increasing engagement and therefore customers via email marketing. It all comes down to list segmentation, telling the right story at the right time to each individual, and powerful design. While these may seem challenging, when you break each down and have a good plan, it really is achievable.

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Miscalculation: The Little Big Horn Of Exit Planning

If you’re like 75% of all business owners, you may have a vague plan to transfer ownership at some point in the future, but feel little urgency to do anything about it now: Business is good, revenue is increasing – what’s the hurry? The author likens this mindset to the false sense of security General Custer felt on that fateful day in 1876! Owners often underestimate what needs to be done in the years leading up to an exit and the author cautions that it’s better to start planning two years too soon, than five minutes too late.

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Maximize Customer Engagement With the Right Data Insights from the Right Data

data vortex

Sales Renewal’s insight:

Many of us understand that analytics are key to gaining a competitive advantage but fewer of us really understand which data is important and how to put that data to use. Whether it’s Big Data or little data, technology can help all businesses gain valuable intelligence about their customers. This article outlines 3 steps to gaining actionable insights from your data. Important aspects of making the most of your data includes providing context, looking at trends instead of individual data points, and gaining insights that are aligned with your overall strategy.

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Consumers May Be More Trusting of Ads Than Marketers Think

A study surveying 400 participants regarding 20 common tactics used in TV and Digital ads found that 13 of the tactics elicited favorable responses – which surprised even marketers and has top ad agencies focusing on the Authenticity factor. For anyone concerned with the believability of marketing today, this is a must-read article. Sales Renewal […]

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