The Power of Follow Ups

One of the best ways to create synergy and boost your marketing reach via your partnerships is to share content. Cross posting and guest posting on your clients’ or partners’ blogs and social media platforms increases your reach, generates additional trust and loyalty for your business, and opens doors to more interesting and relevant content. […]

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8 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid (Infographic)

Whether it’s oversaturating your content or missing the point of social networks, newer marketers make many mistakes. Sales Renewal’s insight: Many new marketers make mistakes with social media. Some try to take on too much too soon, while others do not promote adequate content. This infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines shares the top 8 social […]

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How Google Works [Infographic]

From Website Magazine, a very informative infographic (download it). And it’s amazing to think how much processing is going on in the fraction of a second Google takes before returning your results. Sales Renewal’s insight: The first step to improving SEO is understanding. This infographic will help.

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Quick Tip Tuesday: Sales Renewal’s Guide to Social Posting [Infographic]

On the surface, social media networks like Google+, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn function in a similar manner: you can post original content, you can comment on or share other people’s content, you can give kudos to others. For businesses using social media networks to build their brand awareness, reach prospective clients, and stay in touch […]

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4 Basic Steps of Content Marketing – A Real Life Example [Infographic]

It’s easy to define what content marketing* is: Using original content to acquire and retain customers. The steps a business owner needs to take to put a content marketing plan in place are also easy to describe: Know your audience, create your content, promote your content and build natural links. But how does a business […]

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