WordPress Dominates the CMS Space

WordPress claims slightly over 60 percent (up slightly from November 2015’s number of 58.7 percent). The nearest competition? Joomla with 3.1 percent market share (up from 2.8 percent). Drupal is also up from 2.1 percent to 2.2 percent. Sales Renewal’s insight: As we’ve been saying for a while, WordPress has won the war for website […]

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3 Ways Online Reviews Impact Your Business

Do you know all the ways that online reviews impact your business? Explore the top 3 ways reviews can help your business reach more consumers. Sales Renewal’s insight: Most people know how powerfully online reviews influence buying decisions. What you may not know: review sites differ tremendously in terms of how they work, where the […]

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The Science Behind Picking the Perfect LinkedIn Head Shot

Trust us — it matters. Sales Renewal’s insight: First impressions. Networking. Establishing trust in business relationships. All wrapped up in a single 1×1 image. Just in case you weren’t feeling insecure this morning, here are lots of things to worry about regarding your professional head shot. (More tips for taking images of your employees at […]

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The Longer It Lasts, the More a Shutdown Could Hurt the Economy

The early days of the federal government shutdown won’t slow the American economy much, but that could change if the impasse drags out. Sales Renewal’s insight: Whether they’re real, weather-related storms or storms created by political turbulence, temporary but significant events like the US Government shutdown can affect your business. The more managers are able […]

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Cravings Matter: Consumer Search Behavior – Yext

Before today’s age of intelligent services, families used to ask, “Where should we go eat?” Today, that where is now a what because how consumers decide where to eat has changed. Consumers now search for – … Sales Renewal’s insight: Are you hungry for some recommendations? Yext says you need a steady diet of advice […]

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Interruption as Sales Opportunity – Yay or Nay?

You see a sales opportunity. Your customer sees an interruption. How to make the most of these touchpoints? Sales Renewal’s insight: Product updates are a natural customer touchpoint. A necessary notification is also, obviously, an opportunity to ask for a new order. Do you use those opportunities wisely? Three Things to Consider: To your customer, […]

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Local SEO: 7 Google My Business questions asked and answered

At first glance, Google’s offering for local businesses might appear fairly simple. But questions inevitably arise. Contributor Sherry Bonelli explains the nuances and offers answers. Sales Renewal’s insight: Google has expanded its Google Posts and is strongly encouraging use of Google My Business. And by “strongly encouraging” we mean, pretty much making it mandatory. If […]

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