Increase your business revenue by outsourcing to an expert partner who shares the risk and reward

The JointSourcing Solution™

A Complete, One-Stop Marketing Solution that Shares Risk & Reward

JointSourcing (“joint venture” + “outsourcing”) is a comprehensive marketing program that delivers everything a small business needs to grow its revenue and brand: an outsourced CMO for marketing strategy, a VP of Marketing for day-to-day management, and all the people and technology required to develop, implement and manage the custom marketing plan we devise together. JointSourcing does it all and takes the burden of hiring and managing a marketing team of employees or outside vendors off your shoulders.

JointSourcing uses a shared risk/reward business model, which, thanks to its pay-for-performance aspects, aligns our economic interests with yours. This is why our clients trust us to manage their day-to-day marketing under their supervision.

To drive your growth, we manage a hand-picked team of vetted marketing experts that implement the mix of marketing strategies and programs specifically chosen for your business. In addition, we’re adept at integrating technology to power your marketing and use a full range of analytics and reporting tools to continually measure performance. After all, when we improve your ROI, we improve ours, too.

Watch Keith Loris, Sales Renewal’s president and C.E.O., explain how JointSourcing grows sales while sharing risk and reward during a recent interview by Radio Entrepreneurs:

0:00 – 0:14 Introduction

0:15 – 3:45 Overview of JointSourcing’s general contractor and shared risk/reward model

3:46 – 4:54 Sales Renewal’s genesis

4:55 – 6:37 Further explanation of JointSourcing

6:38 – 8:00 All JointSourcing deals are exclusive

8:00 – 9:08 What each party brings to the “joint venture table”

9:09 – 9:37 What’s unique about JointSourcing?

9:38 – 12:05 Explanation of 3-Step Blueprint/Build/Sell process

12:06 – 13:00 The importance of ROI and Analytics

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