The FlexMarketing Solution™

A Flexible, Agile Program That Adjusts as Marketing Needs and Budgets Change

Sales Renewal FlexMarketing subscriptions start at $450/month, are very flexible, and give you total control of each month’s marketing activities and budget without a long-term commitment.

  1. Our Role: We provide guidance, advice and share best practices (“Coaching”) as well as implementation and management of projects big and small (“Doing”). We’re also happy to have broader strategy discussions as desired (“Strategic Sessions”).
  2. Activities: You decide what’s important each month. Unlike most agencies, Sales Renewal can help with any marketing tactic or combination of tactics to help you reach your goals: webinars, social media, websites, blogging, sales blasts, newsletters, advertising, SEO, reviews, and more.
  3. Budget: Your needs vary every month so should your marketing program: scale it up for the big project in February, revert to the baseline hours in March, increase a bit in April…you have complete flexibility!
  4. Commitment: Month-to-month or get an extra hour to jump start your marketing with a 4-month initial commitment.

Who is FlexMarketing for?

FlexMarketing is for small businesses:

  • That prefer an Agile Marketing approach: tackling big marketing projects in small, bite-sized chunks done iteratively and quickly in Sprints.
  • Who understand that challenging economic times are when it’s most critical to invest in marketing to generate new business. As Henry Ford put it, “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.”
  • Whose marketing needs vary over time so need the freedom to employ any marketing tactic or combination of tactics at any point.
  • Who require explicit choice and control over their marketing program’s activities and budget.

Learn about two example FlexMarketing clients, with month-by-month breakdowns of how their FlexMarketing hours were used.

How Does FlexMarketing Work?

FlexMarketing allows you to precisely fine-tune the ongoing marketing help you need to succeed.

Depending on your initial goals and needs, we’ll mutually determine how many hours should be in your baseline subscription. Each month, you will be able to choose how that time is spent across Coaching, Doing and Strategy assistance. Importantly, any given month’s hours can be increased (e.g., to complete a project) or decreased (e.g., after the project ends).

Coaching – During regularly scheduled video calls with your dedicated Marketing Advisor, we’ll discuss any questions or issues you may have, share best practices, set goals, create action plans and schedules and divvy up responsibilities.

Doing – Your Marketing Advisor also provides boots-on-the-ground, implementation help. Depending on what you decide during the coaching meetings, the actual activities we implement can vary widely. One week you may want us to edit a newsletter you drafted and send it out, and the next week you might want us to add a new page to your website. We can work on growing your Twitter followers, create a series of email blasts, design an ad campaign or improve your site’s ranking in search engines. If you would like to have focused, higher-level discussion including your dedicated CMO, you may choose to schedule separate Strategy Sessions.

Strategy – For higher-level strategy, messaging, positioning or branding issues, you have the option of scheduling Strategy sessions attended by both your dedicated Marketing Advisor and CMO (Note: there is no upcharge for the CMO so these simply count as 2 hours).

FlexMarketing starts at $450/month

  • FlexMarketing time each month:
    • Can be spent on any combination of Coaching, Doing or Strategy
    • Hourly rate: $150
    • Monthly minimum: 3 hours/month, $450
    • Monthly maximum: no limit
  • Coaching and Doing time:
    • Initially, each month’s time will be split 50/50 between them.
    • You can change the monthly split to best fit your needs (e.g., any combination including 100% Coaching or 100% Doing).
  • Strategic sessions:
    • These optional sessions with both your dedicated Marketing Advisor and CMO count as 2 hours.
  • Term options:
    1. Month-to-month OR
    2. Commit to an initial 4-month term to enjoy a complimentary, “jump-start” hour in the first month. After that, the commitment is month-to-month.

FlexMarketing Jump Start Bonus

Complimentary Hour Included with an Initial 4-Month Commitment

To accelerate your marketing program, Sales Renewal will send you a FlexMarketing Questionnaire which we will review prior to the first session to help us more quickly come up to speed on, and provide initial recommendations for, your goals, challenges and issues. During your first session, the recommendations will be reviewed and their action plans will be created.

Example FlexMarketing Clients

Example Client #1: Ellie

Client Profile:

Ellie began her small clothing design business two years ago and realized that, in order to grow her business, she needed to be more strategic in her marketing but didn’t know where to start. Her new website was still in flux and, while she had a handful of loyal clients, she had no plans in place for reaching new ones.

Client Goals:

Ellie wanted to be able to sell her clothes online and reach out more regularly to clients and prospects. The agility of FlexMarketing gave Ellie the comfort of knowing that she could control costs while still moving her business forward in an exciting new way.


Our initial strategy sessions revealed that the company’s messaging, positioning & targeting needed to be refined to speak more directly to Ellie’s best prospects. Once these fundamentals had been shored up, Ellie launched her ecommerce business and learned to handle a number of marketing tactics on her own, while relying on Sales Renewal for ongoing “doing” tasks as well as fresh ideas to grow her business.   

Ellie’s First 4 Months of FlexMarketing:

1st Month: 10 hours
2nd Month: 10 hours
3rd Month: 6 hours
4th Month: 8 hours

  • Initial Strategy Session to discuss more regular communications and the possibility of selling her clothes online her site
  • Refined messaging, positioning & targeting 


  • Updated the site plan to ensure the structure of the website matched her needs
  • Began adding e-commerce capabilities to facilitate online sales 
  • Began revamping the website to better reflect her refined brand
  • Set up reporting software to benchmark future results

  • Role modelled how to better manage client outreach on social media 
  • Helped Ellie create a product catalog for her ecommerce site


  • Completed adding e-commerce capabilities to the website 
  • Continued editing existing site and writing wrote new website content 
  • Created a MailChimp account and organized Ellie’s contact list to focus communication efforts
  • Created a newsletter template for Ellie to use for future client outreach

  • Continued helping Ellie with the finer details of online product catalogs and ecommerce


  • Finished updating the website content
  • Edited, produced and managed the ongoing monthly newsletter 

  • Began coaching Ellie on a social media engagement strategy – a focus for the next several months 


  • Create several social posts to get her started
  • Optimized social media accounts for consistency 
  • Provided ongoing assistance with any needed site changes
  • Edited, produced and managed the ongoing monthly newsletter 

Example Client #2: Carlos

Client Profile:

Carlos has owned his successful consulting business for over a decade and found that, because he was spending almost all of his time on client work, he had no time for marketing or business development to grow his business further. 

Client Goals:

He realized that it had become increasingly important to develop an online presence in order to share information and resources with his existing client base, as well as potential prospects and referral sources. He had a number of good ideas but had a limited budget and even less time to see these through.


Sales Renewal worked with Carlos to develop a robust, targeted outreach program. Carlos now implements some of his social media tactics on his own as time allows, and relies on Sales Renewal to handle larger initiatives in addition to recurring monthly tasks.

Carlos’s First 4 Months of FlexMarketing:

1st Month: 5 Hours
2nd Month: 7 hours
3rd Month: 5 hours
4th Month: 6 hours

  • Initial Strategy Session to discuss overall messaging and positioning to ensure effective client communication


  • Created a MailChimp account and organized Carlos’ client list for effective targeting
  • Began refining website copy to better communicate important messaging and branding

  • Began working with Carlos to develop an effective social media strategy
  • Trained Carlos on the EasyAuthoring blogging tool so he could begin curating interesting content to share with his clients


  • Created new, branded social media accounts on relevant platforms
  • Created a newsletter template for regular client outreach
  • Edited, produced and managed the first monthly newsletter
  • Continued updating website content

  • Trained Carlos on Social Media best practices and efficient communication with clients and partners


  • Edited, produced and managed the ongoing monthly newsletter
  • Continued updating website content

  • Wrote and created a new page on the website describing a new service line Carlos had introduced
  • Monitored social media activity for Carlos and alerted him to opportunities for engagement
  • Edited, produced and managed the ongoing monthly newsletter

FlexMarketing Testimonials

FlexMarketing is a perfect program for a consultant because it allows me the flexibility to adjust my marketing as my needs change without breaking my budget. Sales Renewal is a “One Stop Shop” and since I became a client in August 2018, I have evolved my business’ focus; ramped the program up, down and back up; benefited from solid strategic advice on Digital Marketing and business development; and received lots of great hands-on coaching and implementation help with best practices, social media, my websites, their maintenance and even custom development.

FlexMarketing enables me to leverage not just the SR team members’ expertise (which is extensive) but also their network of marketing subcontractors. It is also very efficient to work with just one company for all these marketing & technology services since the team is in sync with each other without my having to do anything. I highly recommend FlexMarketing and can’t say enough good things about Sales Renewal!

Tracey Forgue

FlexMarketing by Sales Renewal has proved a highly effective marketing solution for our firm: it allows us to focus on what’s most important to LFA – our clients – while leaving the day-to-day execution of our marketing plan to their team. They are equally available to advise on our marketing strategy as they are to implement the necessary tactics. The flexibility of this program allows us to increase or decrease hours from month-to-month, depending on our needs, which is especially comforting in unpredictable times. We’ve received consistently positive feedback on the various initiatives Sales Renewal has recommended and implemented for us, including our website and monthly client newsletter.

Richard E. LaCross
LaCross Financial Advisors

FlexMarketing has helped me plan, coordinate and run my marketing. I can’t believe how much I have learned, and I can get direct answers to my questions. I love that I can bring any marketing issue or question to the table. Having someone to discuss my ideas with every week – and having someone who also helps with the work – means all my ideas that used to stay as just ideas are now actually getting done as part of a coordinated plan.

And because I can adjust the amount of help I receive each month, FlexMarketing is really affordable. When I have a big marketing project I can ramp up the assistance, and once it’s done, I can drop it back down.

Colleen Oncay
Mendon Greenhouse & Florist

FlexMarketing Add-Ons:

Popular 3rd party add-ons to FlexMarketing:

Online Advertising

  • Search engine and/or social media advertising
  • Provided by 3rd party experts, managed by Sales Renewal as part of your FlexMarketing subscription
  • Monthly ad spend minimum: $500

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Ongoing SEO analysis
  • Creation of content to improve site ranking by 3rd party experts managed by Sales Renewal as part of your FlexMarketing subscription
  • $250+/month

SR EasyAuthoring™

  • Technology enhancements that enable curated content to appear in your WordPress blog along with its native original content.
  • $99/month
Sales Renewal