The FlexMarketing Solution™

Marketing That Adjusts as Needs and Budgets Change

Sales Renewal FlexMarketing subscriptions start at $400/month, are very flexible and give you total control of each month’s marketing activities and budget without a long-term commitment.

  1. Our Role: We provide advice, share best practices, implement projects and manage those projects. We’re also happy to have broader strategy discussions as desired.
  2. Activities: You decide what’s important each month. Unlike most agencies, Sales Renewal can help with any marketing tactic or combination of tactics to help you reach your goals: webinars, social media, websites, blogging, sales blasts, newsletters, advertising, SEO, reviews, and more.
  3. Budget: Scale up or down depending on what you need each month. Add extra hours one month for a special project, then go back to baseline the next.
  4. Commitment: Month-to-month, or, get an extra hour to jump start your marketing with a 4-month initial commitment.

“FlexMarketing has helped me plan, coordinate and run my marketing. I can’t believe how much I have learned, and I can get direct answers to my questions. I love that I can bring any marketing issue or question to the table. Having someone to discuss my ideas with every week – and having someone who also helps with the work – means all my ideas that used to stay as just ideas are now actually getting done as part of a coordinated plan.

And because I can adjust the amount of help I receive each month, FlexMarketing is really affordable. When I have a big marketing project I can ramp up the assistance, and once it’s done, I can drop it back down.”

Owner Mendon Greenhouse & Florist

Who is FlexMarketing for?

FlexMarketing is for small businesses that:

  • Understand that when times are tough, that’s exactly the right time to be investing in marketing to generate new business.
  • Want the freedom to employ any marketing tactic or combination of tactics.
  • Want choice and control over their marketing program and budget each month without long-term commitment.

How Does FlexMarketing Work?

FlexMarketing is priced to fit your budget – you choose what we should help with and how much to invest each month. The plan includes a combination of Coaching, Doing and Strategy hours:

Coaching – During regularly scheduled video calls with your dedicated Marketing Advisor, we’ll discuss any questions or issues you may have, share best practices, set goals, create action plans and schedules and divvy up responsibilities.

Doing – Your Marketing Advisor also provides boots-on-the-ground, implementation help. Depending on what you decide during the coaching meetings, the actual activities we implement can vary widely. One week you may want us to edit a newsletter you drafted and send it out, and the next week you might want us to add a new page to your website. We can work on growing your Twitter followers, create a series of email blasts, design an ad campaign or improve your site’s ranking in search engines. If you would like to have a higher level discussion around your marketing strategy, you may choose to schedule a Strategy Session.

Strategy – For higher-lever strategy, messaging, positioning or branding issues, you have the option of scheduling Strategy Sessions. These meetings involve both your dedicated Marketing Advisor and C.M.O. and count as 2 hours.

FlexMarketing acts like it is your own easy to customize marketing department!

Find Out if The FlexMarketing Solution is Right for Your Business

FlexMarketing starts at $400 per month

  • Minimum: 3 hours per month
  • Maximum: no limit
  • Coaching and Doing hours:
    • Coaching and Doing hours are $135.
    • Initially, each month’s time will be split 50/50 between them.
    • You can, however, change the monthly split to best fit your needs (e.g., could be 100% Coaching or Doing).
  • Strategy hours: optional strategic sessions with both your dedicated Marketing Advisor and C.M.O. are $270.
  • Term options:
    1. Month-to-month
    2. Commit to an initial 4-month term to enjoy a complimentary, “jump start” hour the first month. After that, it’s month-to-month.

BONUS Jump Start Hour

Complimentary Hour Included with an Initial 4-Month Commitment

To jump-start the program, Sales Renewal will send you a FlexMarketing Questionnaire which we will separately review to help us understand your goals, challenges and issues, and then meet together to plan the best way to approach them.

FlexMarketing Add-Ons:

Popular add-ons to the base FlexMarketing subscription:

Pay-per-click, Online Advertising

  • Search engine and/or social media advertising
  • Provided by 3rd party experts, managed by Sales Renewal
  • Monthly ad spend minimum: $500

S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization)

  • SEO analysis
  • Creation of content that improves site ranking
  • $250+/month

Local Marketing

  • Listings, Reviews and Local Promotion
  • $79/month per location

SR EasyAuthoring

  • Enhancements that enable curated content to appear in your WordPress blog along with its native original content.
  • $99/month

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