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Check out our collection of videos that cover topics from JointSourcing to the Sales Renewal Business. We’ll update this page on a regular basis, so check back for new resources.

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Video and Audio Interviews

Watch as Sales Renewal Owner Keith Loris Discusses Sales Renewal with MindSet Go:

0:00 – 0:31: Introduction
0:31 – 2:00: Keith’s entrepreneurial background
2:01 – 2:33: Sales Renewal’s founding story
2:34 – 3:47: Why is Sales Renewal revolutionary? <link to
3:47 – 6:39: JointSourcing: a complete, one-stop marketing solution that shares risk & reward
6:39 – 7:09: JointSourcing is completely custom
7:50 – 12:14: JointSourcing’s shared risk & reward business model
12:15 – 13:30: Aligned economic interests
13:31 – 15:11: Overview of Marketing Essentials and how it’s different than JointSourcing
15:11 – 17:02: Overview of Flex Marketing
17:02 – 18:26: Sales Renewal sweats the details while you’re still in control
18:26 – 20:3: Sales Renewal is focused on helping small businesses
20:38 – 21:02: If you want to grow your revenue, you’re a good fit for Sales Renewal
21:02 – 22:06: What is a “small business” for Sales Renewal?
22:07 – 22:19: Closing Remarks

Listen as Keith Loris, Sales Renewal’s president and C.E.O., is interviewed by Marita MacKinnon of Salem Radio Boston during her Around Town business show: Listen to it.


Watch as Keith explains how JointSourcing grows sales while sharing risk and reward during his interview by Radio Entrepreneurs:

0:00 – 0:14 Introduction

0:15 – 3:45 Overview of JointSourcing’s general contractor and shared risk/reward model

3:46 – 4:54 Sales Renewal’s genesis

4:55 – 6:37 Further explanation of JointSourcing

6:38 – 8:00 All JointSourcing deals are exclusive

8:00 – 9:08 What each party brings to the “joint venture table”

9:09 – 9:37 What’s unique about JointSourcing?

9:38 – 12:05 Explanation of 3-Step Blueprint/Build/Sell process

12:06 – 13:00 The importance of ROI and Analytics

Watch as Keith discusses the unique business model Sales Renewal calls JointSourcing during his interview with Aderson Oliveira:

Click here to read the transcription.

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