JointSourcing™ Blueprints

Actionable Marketing Plans for Optimal Growth

In our proven, 3-step JointSourcing process, we design, build and manage a comprehensive, integrated growth solution for your business. In the first step, the Blueprint, we together make a comprehensive assessment of your:

  • Competitive position
  • Business goals, strategies and brands
  • Current marketing strategies, programs and tactics
  • On-line and off-line presence and assets
  • In-house vs. needed expertise, tools and technology

Based on this in-depth analysis, Sales Renewal develops a set of recommendations hand crafted for your specific business, competitive situation and budget. These might include changes to your business branding & positioning, marketing strategies & tactics and sales-enabling technology.

It’s important to realize that a JointSourcing Blueprint is fundamentally unlike most marketing plans from traditional, fee-for-service strategic consultants:

(1) Sales Renewal does not simply make recommendations; it also delivers a detailed proposal to put the changes into place and to manage them on a daily basis for a year (even including a month-by-month operating budget).

(2) Sales Renewal puts its money behind its strategies: because JointSourcing shares the reward & risk, we have a significant financial interest in recommendations that will cost-effectively grow sales.

Blueprints Begin With In-Depth Questionnaire

The first step in the JointSourcing Blueprint is the completion of the online Marketing Investment Analysis (also available separately) which provides a high-level, financial perspective on marketing that is designed to answer the question, “how much should be invested in marketing?”

Collaboratively, we then proceed through the comprehensive business and Marketing Blueprint questionnaire, either in person or over the phone.

JointSourcing's Marketing Questionnaire

This Questionnaire, through its many open ended, pointed questions, is designed to facilitate conversation, collaborative brainstorming and critical analysis of what has and has not worked in the past. It also uncovers your goals and strategies, customer, prospect & industry profiles and your sustainable competitive advantage.

Prior to the first Blueprint session, we will also ask you to complete an inventory of your existing sales, marketing & technology assets so that they can be built upon and not reinvented (saving time and money).

Competitive Review

After the Blueprint Questionnaire is complete, Sales Renewal presents marketing and technology insights garnered from your competitors: a detailed, page-by-page review of your 2 or 3 most important competitors’ websites, analyzing them for messaging, positioning, audience, style, functionality, and more.

Strategy Recommendations & Proposal

Based on what we learned during the questionnaire discussions, competitive review and our own independent research, we hold a Strategy Review where together we discuss a range of recommendations for the strategies and tactics that will best grow your business. Based on your feedback to those, we then have a final meeting to review our final Build & Sell Proposal: the specific, 12 month plans and budget that support the strategies & tactics you approved.

JointSourcing Blueprint Deliverables

At the end of the JointSourcing Blueprint you will receive:

  • Summary of the Questionnaire discussion and decisions
  • Page-by-page analysis of top competitor websites
  • Recommended changes & enhancements to strategy, branding, programs and tools
  • Build Services proposal
    • Build out and configure the strategic and technological infrastructure the Sell Services will rely on (for example, if a revised website is recommended, it will be designed during the Build Services phase.)
  • Sell Services proposal
  • 12-month Marketing Budget
    • The budget includes not just fees and potential commissions paid to Sales Renewal but all other marketing and sales-enabling technology expenses (e.g., advertising costs, printing expenses, hosting fees, etc.).  This is the budget that Sales Renewal will “manage to” over the year.

Importantly, both the budget and marketing strategies and plan are not fixed over the course of the year. In fact, every 3 months we hold a Quarterly Marketing Review and use analytics to determine what’s working and what’s not so that we can make appropriate adjustments. This continual review process leads to dramatic improvements in marketing ROI.

While most firms do choose to move forward with Sales Renewal’s Build & Sell Services, there is no obligation to do so. And whether you do or not, the deliverables, and the good ideas they contain, are yours to keep.

Download a FREE JointSourcing Blueprint Questionnaire

Detailed, Marketing Plans for Optimal Growth

6 sessions (6-12 hours of your time)

  1. Marketing Investment Analysis
  2. 1st half of Questionnaire
  3. 2nd half of Questionnaire
  4. Competitive Review
  5. Strategic Recommendations
  6. Build & Sell Proposal


  • Marketing Investment Summary report
  • Summary of the Questionnaire discussions
  • Recommended changes & enhancements to strategy, branding, programs and tools
  • Proposal to put changes in place (Build Services) and manage them for 1 year (Sell Services)
  • A detailed, annual budget by month (e.g., “in August, $X should be spent on online ads across platforms 1, 2, 3; $Y should be spent on direct mail, and $Z spent on telemarketing”)

Time & cost

  • 4-12 weeks to complete (you set the pace)
  • No obligation to continue to JointSourcing’s next Build and Sell steps.
  • Cost: $7,500 if you to continue to the next steps, $10,000 otherwise.

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