JointSourcing’s 3 Steps to Small Business Growth

Many web developers, ad agencies, S.E.O. specialists and marketing firms operate in disconnected silos that obscure revenue responsibility and make it easy to play the blame game. Not Sales Renewal.

In our proven, 3-step JointSourcing™ process, we design, build and manage comprehensive, integrated growth solutions for small business based on your:

  1. Business goals and strategies
  2. Customer and prospect profiles
  3. Industry and competitive position
  4. Sales, marketing & technology assets

1. Strategic Marketing Consultation

A Custom Blueprint for your Growth
(1-12 weeks)

Sales Renewal Strategy Blueprints deliver custom marketing plans for growth designed for clients wrestling with strategic issues that can often make or break a business. Led by an experienced CMO, the Strategy Blueprint process is a well-honed, comprehensive strategic dive into your business that may recommend changes to your business & marketing strategies, key messages & positioning, product & pricing strategies as well as a marketing plan optimized for your budget and goals.

The resulting JointSourcing Blueprint reflects this and its deliverables include:

  1. Recommended changes and enhancements to strategy, sales & marketing, and technology
  2. An action plan to put them into place and manage them during the first year
  3. A detailed, overall Marketing and sales-enabling Technology budget.

The JointSourcing Blueprint has a fixed fee and there is no obligation to continue to the next Build Step (though 99% of Blueprint clients do).

2. Build Services

Build your Custom Growth Solution
(2-12 weeks)

Sales Renewal will build out your custom growth solution and the changes, improvements and additions to your strategy, brands, marketing and technology specified by your Blueprint.

We will ensure that all of your customer “touch points” (all of the places your prospects and customers come into contact with your business) meet the Blueprint’s specifications.

The Build Services fee is typically milestone-based and is determined by:

  • how many of your existing sales, marketing and technology assets can be reused as is, or with improvement
  • what new capabilities have to be built, as well as their complexity
  • what existing expertise can be leveraged and what needs to be insourced
  • your desire to actively participate vs. supervise the process
  • and many other factors.

3. Sell Services

Run your Custom Growth Solution
(1 year contract)

Sales Renewal will manage the custom growth solution we collaboratively designed and which we then built for you, driving qualified leads and sales for one year.

We will be responsible for the day-to-day marketing and technology work, will consult with you on strategy, performance and optimization, and organizationally, will “report” to you. Every quarter we will use our propriertary, sophisticated analytics to benchmark the previous quarter’s performance and will together adjust the new quarter’s plan and budget accordingly.

We will earn a small percentage commission on the revenue we help generate while we charge a discounted, fixed fee for the marketing services we provide each month. Learn more.

Importantly, since JointSourcing is a win-win solution, Sales Renewal’s commissions are designed from the outset to comfortably fit within your business margins.


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