What is Included in the Marketing Essentials Solution™?

Marketing Essentials is ideal for businesses that want to improve their sales & marketing scope and effectiveness and want to learn and become proficient—through hands on experience and weekly guidance from experts—in the marketing tactics that work best for them.

It is a comprehensive, easy-to-adopt, fixed-fee solution that first improves your marketing & technology assets and then provides the ongoing, active assistance your business needs to cost effectively grow its leads.

The 6-month Marketing Essentials trial includes:

Services Managed by Sales Renewal

Insourced Off-Page SEO (Link Building)

On your behalf, Sales Renewal works with SEO experts to set up and manage an inbound link building program: a critical factor in how search engines rank your website.

  • Account setup, including competitive link analysis, anchor text analysis
  • Link/Profile/Content submission, yielding 5-10 new quality links per month (directories, business listings, citations, classifieds, social bookmarking, pdf/ppt, image, video, article, Press Release (PR), Forum (posting & discussion), etc.)

Online Advertising

On your behalf, Sales Renewal works with Google, Microsoft, and/or Yahoo advertising experts to set up, manage and optimize an online advertising campaign designed to drive targeted traffic to your website.

  • Set up fee – included in Marketing Essentials fee
  • Ad Agency fee – included in Marketing Essentials fee
  • Recommended monthly budget:
    • minimum: $200
    • recommended minimum: $500

Marketing Essentials Blueprint

An actionable growth plan based on an assessment of your current sales and marketing positioning and activities. 5 hours is included for Sales Renewal to implement the website improvements identified in your Blueprint.

Website Review & Analysis

Technical review of your website (site speed, broken links, site structure); Search engine rank report; Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics

Key Concept and Keyword Analysis

Identify, review and propose improvements to messaging, calls-to-action and on-page SEO for up to 3 pages on your site, for example choosing from: Home, About, Why, 2 Service and/or Product pages, Contact

Local Listings & Reviews

We will set up a Local Marketing account to create consistent business description on 50+ of the major, local listing sites that also allows you to monitor, from a single location, customer reviews on all of them.

How Much Does Marketing Essentials Cost?

The Marketing Essentials Solution is a traditional fee-for-service program (different than the JointSourcing Solution™ shared risk and reward), where you pay a set fee each month during the six-month trial. Many companies like this approach because, on day one, they know what each month’s expense will be.

For all the services, people and tools described above, the fixed monthly fee is only $2500 and is as all-inclusive as is possible. In fact, the only fees not included are the ones that are up to you: the direct advertising costs paid to Google Adwords and MailChimp email costs, which vary based on the size of your existing email list.

If you compare Marketing Essential’s $2500 monthly fee to what it might cost to assemble each element of Marketing Essentials on your own, we think you’ll agree it’s a good deal:

  • Consultants to analyze and create an Actionable Marketing Plan (1st Blueprint Month)
  • Marketing team to implement the Blueprint’s messaging and positioning improvements on your website (2nd Build Month)
  • Technology team to implement the Blueprint’s sales-enabling technology improvements on your website (2nd Build Month)
  • 1 hour of Coaching every week for 4 months (Months 3-6)
  • The services of the included 3rd party experts described above:
    • Online advertising
    • Off-page SEO
    • In-Person Networking
  • Licensing fees for included sales-enabling technology detailed in the right side-bar:
    • SR Marketing Dashboard™
    • SR EasyAuthoring™ Analytics
    • Integrated Lead Management including 5 Trackable phone numbers
    • Included 3rd-Party Vendor accounts
  • The actual and (perhaps more important) opportunity costs of you doing and managing all of this on your own.

Is Marketing Essentials Right for My Business?

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Included Sales-Enabling Technologies and Tools

SR Marketing Dashboard™

Keep track of your marketing activities. Includes monthly analytics report, website trend report, lead report, visitor log and incoming phone calls.

SR EasyAuthoring™

Sales Renewal enhancements to WordPress and other blog platforms that makes blogging of original and curated content easy


  • Google Analytics
  • SR Analytics™ – Sales Renewal platform for web submit/call/email/in-person lead capture & ROI-focused analytics

Integrated Lead Management

Track leads from your site’s calls-to-action as well as emails and phone calls:

  • Call-to-Action websubmit forms with autoresponders
  • 5 Trackable Phone Numbers and 100 minutes included
    • Additional numbers: $4.50 per month. Additional time: $0.09 per minutes
  • 1 Trackable Email Address

Included 3rd-Party Vendor accounts

  • MailChimp – Email Marketing & Marketing Automation technology
  • Yext Premium – Local Marketing technology for single logon access to 50+ major sites for promotion, local listings and reviews
  • Scoop.it Business – Curated Content technology
  • Dialog Tech – Trackable phone numbers that allows for accurate ROI calculations of marketing activities

Technical support (optional)

  • Automaticsite backup
  • Website monitoring
  • Weekly link checking
Sales Renewal