Interruption as Sales Opportunity – Yay or Nay?

You see a sales opportunity. Your customer sees an interruption. How to make the most of these touchpoints?

Sales Renewal’s insight:

Product updates are a natural customer touchpoint. A necessary notification is also, obviously, an opportunity to ask for a new order. Do you use those opportunities wisely?

Three Things to Consider:

  • To your customer, it’s an interruption. Don’t ask for a new sale unless your product update (or other reason for the interruption) offers real value, like useful new features or protection of the customer’s initial investment.
  • Sure, it’s an opportunity to ask for a new sale. It’s also an opportunity to ask for feedback. Pick one.
  • Or maybe, consider a cross promotion – with the appropriate partner and closely-related offer.

How do you make the most of your customer communications opportunities?

And then, how do you follow-up?

When handled correctly, necessary customer communications can create sales opportunities. To ensure that your content plan is designed to help you achieve your 2018 sales goals, contact us.

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