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What Is Influencer Marketing and How Can It Help My Business?

Influencer marketing is a very powerful strategy when done right! This article explains the do’s and don’ts of effective influencer marketing and describes its impressive potential; 92% on consumers have made a purchase after reading about a product on a blog they follow. Read on to see how you can incorporate influencer marketing into your marketing mix.

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Six Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Marketing Agency

As the author says right at the outset of the article (registration required): relationships are hard! But, after years of working closely with our clients towards their marketing and business success, we at Sales Renewal firmly believe they’re worth working at! And we’re pleased to say that these six tips are pretty much baked into each of our client relationships. Hiring an agency to develop, implement and then manage your custom marketing program does require a level of commitment and trust, but in the end, the effort put in by both client and agency can lead to measurable results.

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The New Era of Marketing Strategy

Relying too heavily on data when trying to create authentic customer experiences seems to have back-fired for some companies whose recent actions have caused significant damage to the customer trust they had built up and all but taken for granted (think: Facebook.) Marketers should remember that customers are human beings, not just numbers on a spreadsheet or sequences in an algorithm. So how do marketers meet increasingly sophisticated customer experience expectations that tend to be based on data, when those same customers are using more ad blockers and other privacy protection tools? This article suggests that the innovative use of AI technologies and curation platforms may be part of the solution to data overload.

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Cashing Out: 3 Tips for Valuing and Preparing Your Business for Sale

Sales Renewal has worked with a number of business owners looking to increase revenue in preparation for a sale and our advice is always the same: make sure to plan well in advance. Some of the most common valuation methods for selling your business, such as discounted cash-flow or a multiple of revenue or EBITDA, depend on a track-record of profitability in order to get the best possible price. Whether you’re looking forward to a relaxing retirement or jumping into the next big idea, don’t let your excitement cause you to leave money on the table. The Sales Renewal Marketing Investment Analysis: Exit Planning Edition will help you determine if your current marketing efforts are likely to meet your Exit Revenue Goal.

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6 Secrets to Driving Leads Online that You Need to Know

Lead generation is one of those marketing terms that sounds easy, but many businesses still struggle to find the right combination of strategies and tactics to actually convert as many leads as they expect. Selecting the right lead magnet (sometimes known as click-bait) and actually telling your audience why it’s important to them is critical, as are strong Calls-to-Action and straightforward and easy to fill forms: the last thing you want is to lose a lead because they can’t be bothered to fill in all the information you’ve requested. Combine these with a targeted online advertising strategy and a strong SEO program, and you’re well on your way to effective lead generation.

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The negative impact of an outdated firm website

A common mistake that a business can make is creating their website and never updating it again. When visitors come to a site that is out of date, it creates a very poor first impression: if you don’t care about your business why would any prospect? Regularly updating a site’s content helps with its search engine ranking and ability to retain visitors and generate leads. Scheduling time to check for updates, bugs or sharing a post will help keep your site safe, up to date and welcoming to visitors.

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SEO: How to Optimize Web Pages – BusinessTown

The term “Search Engine Optimization” often overwhelms business owners who may not understand just how it works and how to improve it. While there are multiple ways to improve SEO over time, there are a few basic details that you should be aware of and can implement yourself. Take a look at these basic tips that are the foundation of all SEO efforts.

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