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Secrets of the Trade(show): 9 Ways to Use Marketing Automation Before, During, and After Events

As you plan your 2020 tradeshow season, this article will prove helpful to ensure you are getting the most out of the tradeshow. Defining and executing on the right Marketing Automation, before, during, and after the show is critical to getting the most bang for your marketing dollar. This is a rock solid plan on letting your future customers know you are going to the event, capturing leads at the event, and targeted follow-up after the event.

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Why Marketing Automation Matters for Your Business

Ever wish you had more time in the day to devote to actual strategic initiatives rather than attending to more mundane tasks, like customer emails? We all know how important it is to engage in a regular and timely manner with both new and existing customers, but it’s so time consuming! Enter: marketing automation. Marketing automation can you help you execute and organize email outreach more efficiently while saving you something that you desperately need: time. A good automation system can help you gain new leads while keeping your current customers happy.

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John Wanamaker Would Die for This: We Now Know Which Half is Which!

There is a popular saying which goes “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Over the years, I have heard many a CEO/CFO substitute the word “marketing” for “advertising” as they lament about all the money they are spending on brand awareness and demand creation […]

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A buyer’s guide to marketing technology

The wide assortment of marketing technologies available can create confusion in a fast-moving world, and buying the wrong one is a costly mistake, so keeping outcomes and objectives in mind is the first step towards making sense of the options. Sales Renewal’s insight: Tools for data management (DMPs), social media for “listening”, automation, personalization, the […]

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How A Real Estate Blog Went From 2, 000 To 18, 000, 000 Visits Per Month In Two Years

Movoto’s Content Strategy: How We Make All Those Things Go Viral Sales Renewal’s insight: The opening paragraph says it all: How do you compete against sites that are 25 times larger with marketing budgets that exceed your 7-year-old company’s total historic revenue? You don’t. A first-hand perspective on how the “little guy” created a digital […]

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A Nonprofit Professional’s Introduction to Drip Campaigns: The How and Why

Sales Renewal’s insight: Digital marketing tactics like lead nurturing (a.k.a. drip marketing) are not only for businesses selling products and services. Non-profits who are focused on raising funds and awareness for a social issue can extend their often limited budgets by taking advantage of automation and efficiencies these tactics offer.   Read Original Article

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