SEO: Conducting Checklists/Audits for Firm’s Online Success

For the record, we absolutely do NOT recommend that to "simply swipe your competitor’s keywords" is a good practice. Other than that, this is a very helpful preliminary checklist.


SEO Best Practices change regularly, and every business has to determine how to manage its website and online strategies to best allocate its resources. For that reason, we’ve found that customized programs provide far better returns than “cookie cutter” solutions or “plug and play” tools. One way we are Reinventing Small Business Marketing is by changing the way our clients use their budgets, tools and time to produce the best marketing and sales results.

If you want to go beyond the checklist referenced here – or aren’t even sure how to respond to some of these suggestions – contact us.

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Marketing Agency Sales Renewal Is Reinventing Small Business Marketing With Its JointSourcing Solution

JointSourcing is unique and especially beneficial for small businesses because it ensures that the client’s economic interests are perfectly aligned with its marketing agency’s. In this way, Sales Renewal is “sharing risk and reward” with its clients, and in the process, reinventing small business marketing.

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4 Tips for Effective B2C Branding

Good advice and examples here for B2C service businesses. We whole-heartedly agree that consistently good images are necessary to enhance your brand. But many small businesses don’t have budget for professional photography! If you need better business images but can’t hire a professional right now, read our photography tips on how to get better pictures for your website, and all of your marketing material. 

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