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5 Tips for Effective Marketing Communication

When building your business, having a great product or service is just the beginning. Communicating your company’s offerings, solutions, and advantages is crucial for turning a good product into a wildly successful one. But in the age of digital communication, traditional advertising is no longer the only way to tell people about what you offer. […]

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Don’t Overlook These Email Marketing Fundamentals

In a world where every marketing plan is competing for attention with thousands of other messages, email marketing is one of the best ways to get YOUR message directly into your audiences’ hands. While other digital marketing strategies rely on the audience to visit or view your content, emails land in their inboxes, and recent data shows people check their email an average of 15 times per day! Whether you’re already using email marketing, or are just starting to add this tactic to your overall strategy, make sure you’re building a solid foundation to maximize your reach and your impact.

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6 Insanely Effective Tactics to Engage Email Subscribers

Marketing Automation is noted as a top marketing trend for 2019. But how to do it well? There are a few proven tips and tricks to increasing engagement and therefore customers via email marketing. It all comes down to list segmentation, telling the right story at the right time to each individual, and powerful design. While these may seem challenging, when you break each down and have a good plan, it really is achievable.

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How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign That Gets Results

Is email marketing dead? Not if it’s done right! The key is doing your homework before you even start: identify the goals of the campaign, define your audience, determine how you will engage that audience, and build the best possible target list. Many businesses struggle with email marketing, but a well thought out plan often leads to success. Obviously, the email should look good, but more important are an effective subject line and engaging copy. The call-to-action should be prominent and unambiguous and spell out exactly what you want your audience to do. Whether it’s a one-time eblast or a longer-term lead nurturing campaign, make your emails timely, relevant, interesting and valuable, and your audience will begin to look forward to your next mailing!


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Best of Growth Spurts – Focus on Maximizing Your Content Marketing Efforts

In this month’s content roundup, we’ve focused on different ways you can get the most out of your content marketing and blogging efforts. After all, content marketing is often one of the biggest components – in both time and dollars – of many small business marketing budgets, so it makes sense to maximize that investment. […]

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Best of Growth Spurts – Our Favorite Posts from January

We regularly update our Growth Spurts blog with actionable marketing & technology advice, news and information. These articles are often hand-picked to address issues and projects we’re working on with our clients, but they are relevant to most business owners involved with any aspect of marketing their business. Here are our 5 favorite posts this […]

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13 Things to Start, Stop & Keep Doing With Your Email Marketing in 2017

Maximize your email marketing with strategies you should start implementing, absolutely avoid, and keep up in 2017 and in years ahead. Sales Renewal’s insight: We agree: Email marketing is a powerful tool to encourage your audience to engage with content and to nurture leads in your database along the buyer’s journey. Understanding the points made […]

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How Millennials Really Want to Engage with Brands: 62% Say Email

Email is overwhelmingly preferred by all generations, Bluecore Study finds. Sales Renewal’s insight: This article highlights two key pieces of information for anyone assessing the value of their email communications: 68% of people responding to a survey about preferred brand communications in all four demographics – Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z – […]

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