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Sales Renewal’s Strategic Consulting Service Helps Law Firm Pivot with New Business Model

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Sales Renewal is often asked to help clients wrestling with challenging strategic decisions, whether it’s adjusting their business and marketing strategies to their new Covid realities (something that has unfortunately become way too common), reducing their time-to-first-dollar from prospects in their pipeline or devising a go-to-market strategy for a new product or service they’re considering. […]

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Webinar: Crafting Products and Services to Reduce Time-to-First-Dollar

Marketing Strategy: focus on your fastest prospects

The Problem: Prospects Sit In Your Pipeline Too Long Many service providers often have a single, all-inclusive service that’s presented as a binary choice: hire us for the whole service or don’t hire us. Because these services are typically important and consequential (e.g., wealth managers help save for retirement, lawyers defend against lawsuits, architects design […]

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Thought Leadership Marketing for the Subject Matter Expert

But what does it actually mean to be a thought leader? Is it in fact a good marketing strategy for the professional services firm? The answers to these questions, and more, are what we will cover in this post.


As a specific strategy within the broader discipline of content marketing, thought leadership not only showcases particular expertise, it demonstrates new thinking that influences the development of the broader field and is used successfully by many professional service providers. Whether you’re a resident expert, know to those within your firm as the “go-to” on a particular subject matter, or an aspiring national or international expert recognized beyond your firm and industry boundaries, it’s important to develop your thought leadership strategy. From identifying your target audience, to narrowly defining your area of expertise, deciding on content and gaining visibility for your ideas, there’s a lot more to thought leadership than simply writing articles. Read more on how to develop your strategy, how to improve your content, and how to increase visibility if you or your firm is looking to use thought leadership to grow your brand.

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Three Critical Videos for Marketing Professional Services Firm

Videos have become very popular through various channels on the internet. They are shared more often than any other media on social media, generate more clicks in email newsletters and are often preferred to reading explainer text. Professional Service  firms should be taking advantage of this rise in video and have at least three main types of informative (and fun) videos to ensure visitors will be able to understand what you do, how you do it and why they should use you all through videos.

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What is Retargeting and How Can Professional Service Firms Utilize It?

Retargeting for Professional Service Firms

A study stated that office workers are becoming more distracted at their desks and feel like they don’t have a space to be fully focused. Our company is fully remote and with project management and communication programs, our employees feel the same comradery between each other, and feel more productive and focused in their own environment. While offices continue to transform into spaces with more perks, like games and snack bars, employees could be prone to get more distracted. While many argue that the productivity between remote and office workers fully depends on people’s personalities, there are several key differences that can make an impression on one’s work performance.

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Holiday Marketing For Law Firms

Holidays are a time for interacting with people, whether it be your family, friends, neighbors or coworkers. This also makes it a great time to socialize with your clients. The end of the year makes a perfect time for you to say “thank you” to your clients and wish them the best for the new year. Personal interactions around the holidays are things your clients will remember in the new year.

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Why Branding Is Important for Growing Professional Services Firms

Sales Renewal logo is a visual component of our brand.

A number of traditional marketing tactics do not easily translate to professional services firms, such as independent wealth managers, legal professionals, and others in highly regulated sectors. However, the fundamentals of brand- and trust-building apply across industries and should remain core aspects of your marketing mix. What Good is Branding? Because of the highly specialized […]

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Marketing Agency Sales Renewal Is Reinventing Small Business Marketing With Its JointSourcing Solution

JointSourcing is unique and especially beneficial for small businesses because it ensures that the client’s economic interests are perfectly aligned with its marketing agency’s. In this way, Sales Renewal is “sharing risk and reward” with its clients, and in the process, reinventing small business marketing.

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Liquid Capital Breakfast to Feature Presentation by Sales Renewal

Liquid Capital Associates is organizing a breakfast on Wednesday, April 27, during which Sales Renewal will provide participants with an overview of the marketing essentials every business needs to increase sales in 2016. The presentation cuts through the noise and offers an unbiased approach every business can use to quickly start growing their leads. Participants […]

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