Thought Leadership Marketing for the Subject Matter Expert

But what does it actually mean to be a thought leader? Is it in fact a good marketing strategy for the professional services firm? The answers to these questions, and more, are what we will cover in this post.


As a specific strategy within the broader discipline of content marketing, thought leadership not only showcases particular expertise, it demonstrates new thinking that influences the development of the broader field and is used successfully by many professional service providers. Whether you’re a resident expert, known to those within your firm as the “go-to” on a particular subject matter, or an aspiring national or international expert recognized beyond your firm and industry boundaries, it’s important to develop your thought leadership strategy. From identifying your target audience, to narrowly defining your area of expertise, deciding on content and gaining visibility for your ideas, there’s a lot more to thought leadership than simply writing articles. Read more on how to develop your strategy, how to improve your content, and how to increase visibility if you or your firm is looking to use thought leadership to grow your brand.

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