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Remote Workers Are Outperforming Office Workers–Here’s Why

A study stated that office workers are becoming more distracted at their desks and feel like they don’t have a space to be fully focused. Our company is fully remote and with project management and communication programs, our employees feel the same comradery between each other, and feel more productive and focused in their own environment. While offices continue to transform into spaces with more perks, like games and snack bars, employees could be prone to get more distracted. While many argue that the productivity between remote and office workers fully depends on people’s personalities, there are several key differences that can make an impression on one’s work performance.

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Holiday Marketing For Law Firms

Holidays are a time for interacting with people, whether it be your family, friends, neighbors or coworkers. This also makes it a great time to socialize with your clients. The end of the year makes a perfect time for you to say “thank you” to your clients and wish them the best for the new year. Personal interactions around the holidays are things your clients will remember in the new year.

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How Financial Services Marketing Is Rebuilding Its Image

In the wake of several turbulent years throughout the financial industry, confidence in financial advisors has never quite fully recovered. Financial jargon, misplaced guidance and an inconsistent customer experience are but a few of the reasons behind this mistrust. So how can financial advisors regain the respect and trust of their clients and prospective clients? The solution: effective marketing. Read more about how marketing can transform how the financial world is perceived and how your firm can use a variety of tactics to increase client loyalty and develop new business.

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8 Easy Steps to Marketing Your Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit organizations may traditionally not be as savvy when it comes to marketing as their consumer products counterparts, but when they realize that marketing is a way to not only satisfy consumer and donor needs but to spread their message points, share the mission statement, alert the public to events, and share breaking news that’s relevant to their cause, many have come around to embracing a host of marketing tactics. Read more for some ideas that could help you make a significant difference in reaching the goals of your organization.

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Video Marketing Strategy: What Law Firms Need to Know

video marketing interview

Committing to a video marketing strategy is often regarded as a high-cost endeavor that is difficult to master and integrate into a firm’s broader marketing strategy, not to mention that the associated ROI is hard to measure. But as the author of this article argues, video is only increasing in importance and is showing no signs of going away. In fact, using video should be an important consideration to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, highlight thought leadership and facilitate business development efforts across the firm.

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A Tough Task for Facebook: European-Type Privacy for All – The New York Times

“Next month, a comprehensive new data protection law goes into effect in the European Union, placing greater requirements on how companies like Facebook and Google handle users’ personal information. It also strengthens individuals’ rights to control the collection and use of their data.

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, said his company would offer its users all over the world the same privacy controls required under the European law.”

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